Monday, April 21, 2014


We had a wonderful Easter at church! Colin started crying walking into church so he did not last long. It was the second year for Easter in the car. I have so many pictures from the day and it was so special.
My sweet bunnies in their matching bunny pajamas!
Two kids looking at the camera. And looking happy!
Kaitlin picked out her dress and she was so proud
Our sweet friends from church had us over for an amazing lunch. It was so fun and really made Ohio feel a little like home for the first time! She went all out and made everything so special. It was such a blessing.
Tired boy from all the Easter fun!


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter weekend fun

We had a busy weekend with lots of Easter fun! We saw the Easter Bunny on Friday! Kaitlin was thrilled to visit with the big guy. Colin wanted nothing to do with him!
Kaitlin and I dyed eggs and had so much fun.
She worked very hard on our eggs.
Sometimes your apron turns into a cape!
We also made some bunny cupcakes
Kaitlin was so proud
I saw in a magazine 15 years ago that grew Easter grass in a basket! I have always wanted to try it so I did this year and it actually worked! So easy and so festive!

We had a wonderful weekend with lots of family Easter fun!


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Life lately

Life has been wild and crazy around here! It is finally spring in Ohio and we have loved being outside! It is amazing how fast this year is flying by and that Easter is just a week away!
It has been super windy and the wind brought a new friend to our backyard. The kids had so much fun with turtle! He has gone away now, the wind took him home but we need to buy a replacement friend!
Taking some time for hugs!
They love each other so much
Colin looked so big leaving school this week!
My boys before bed
We did some Sunday driving a few weeks ago and stopped for an early dinner! It was also kids eat free night. We rarely do things like this without planning so it was an unexpected surprise!
We got some ice cream at Graeters and it was amazing! They even made a special face sundae for Kaitlin with eyes, a mouth and a nose! It was so adorable and totally freaked her out! She removed it then enjoyed her icecream,

Can't wait to go back there soon!


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Soccer fun

Soccer started this week! It was actually nice enough one day to be outside!
Saturday was her first game and it was chilly!
Didi came up to see her play! She was thrilled to have him here!
Coach Kory !!! Kory is coaching Kaitlin's team! She was very frustrated with her team for not listening to coach!
Coach Kory and Kailtin working on some soccer skills
Celebrating a successful first game with ice cream

It was a cold and wet start to soccer but Kaitlin had a great time!


Monday, March 31, 2014

A frozen birthday

We got home and wanted to do a small party for Kaitlin on her actual birthday! We got the cutest cake and it was so yummy! Kaitlin was so excited and told the entire birthday it was perfect! She is so sweet!
Just a small party and it was perfect! We got Chickfila and had cake! And we had a ballon!
Blowing out her candle
Opening her presents
A Jessie doll was a big hit
Her reaction to her last present a big girl bike !

She is so excited and had so much fun on her birthday!


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Birthday build a bear

Kailtin had a special trip to Build a bear for her birthday. Colin went along for the fun and he had the most fun
Kaitlin made Pumpkin the new princess palace pet. This is Cinderella's pup.
My boys had so much fun
Kiki found the perfect bear
Kailtin was so proud and so excited
Washing our bears
Colin looooved washing his bear
Colin could not loooove his bear

Such a fun day for the birthday girl!