Monday, December 15, 2014

Look who just Checked in

Kaitlin was in our church children’s choir and they had 4 performances over the past week. The choir has been such an amazing experience and it was such a blessing this Christmas season!

IMG 7575]

It was a country theme and Kaitlin loved she got to wear a cowgirl hat 

IMG 7577

Kaitlin was the youngest in the choir but she was never nervous and had such a fun time! 

IMG 7579

We noticed Kaitlin wore her hat just like Jessie from Toy Story 

IMG 7662


IMG 2528

IMG 2587

Kaitlin Christmas performance

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Santa Cow

This is our annual Santa Cow picture!!!! Kaitlin use to not be a fan of Santa but she loved Santa Cow!!!! And that is how traditions get started!!!!  Crazy this is our 5th year with Santa Cow!!! 

IMG 2293



IMG 7555


IMG 7556


IMG 7557


IMG 7558

Friday, December 12, 2014

Breakfast with Santa

Our Chickfila had a special breakfast with Santa!!! They made everything so special with tablecloths and even a band playing Christmas music! It was such a sweet morning and Kaitlin had a great time!! 

IMG 7543

She was so excited!!!! we had a wonderful breakfast 

IMG 7549

Mrs Claus and Santa were so so sweet!!! They talked and talked and talked!!!! 

IMG 2497

I love this face of pure joy 

IMG 2492

Colin is not a fan of Santa 

IMG 7551

This was the cute list for Santa!!! 

IMG 7544

We had a great morning and Kaitlin has not stopped talking about it all week!!! 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

O Christmas Tree

We had a fun Christmas outing when we saw Santa!! Kaitlin got her haircut while the boys waited for a table at Cheesecake Factory!! Colin looks so grown up here!!! 

IMG 1753

We had a wonderful dinner and it was so nice and festive

IMG 1755

They had a huge Christmas tree and Colin was very impressed 

IMG 1844

IMG 1860

Such a fun family night 

IMG 7412

And we got Cheesecake to go!!! Really the perfect night! 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Zoo lights

It was 60 degrees a few weeks back and Kory and I both thought the same thing…. Zoo Lights!! It was a high percentage of rain later in the night but we risked it!!! It was heavy drizzle but at least it was warm!!!! 

This tree is amazing!!! It had all animal print bows! 

IMG 7424

The zoo looked beautiful and it is such a fun tradition! Kaitlin did like a few lights this year but it is still all about the animals! 

IMG 2014

Colin is amazed at the aquarium!!!! 

IMG 2015

He was very happy to be at Zoolights

IMG 2016

We saw the Light show that was set to music!! Just amazing Christmas Magic!

IMG 7419

We ended the night with “ Birthday Elephant” He has the saw exact birthday as Kaitlin! 

IMG 7422

So glad we got to see the Zoolights and enjoy such a fun night! 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Santa Visit

We attempted to visit Santa a few weeks ago!! This was as close as Colin got!! He was crying before we even got to sit with Santa He was not a fan! 

FP POLARIS 20141121 000008

And he let the entire mall know how upset he was!! Maybe next year!

FP POLARIS 20141121 000007


Kaitlin was thrilled to meet Santa and was just smitten with him! 

SS POLARIS 20141121 000009 P

Look how excited Santa is to have his picture made with Kaitlin! He was so sweet and laughed with a real “hohoho”! It was such a fun magical experience for Kaitlin! 

SS POLARIS 20141121 000010

This is one of my favorites!!! Santa loved her outfit too!! She was so proud!! 

SS POLARIS 20141121 000011

Such a fun Christmas memory! 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving 

IMG 1978

IMG 1993

My little turkeys 

IMG 7417

We made the cutest Thankful tree at Chickfila!!! 

IMG 7384

This turkey use to seem so big and now Colin is taller than him by a lot!!! 

Colin 2012 at 8 months                      Colin 2014  2 and a half 

IMG 7311

2012                                                                                      2014

IMG 7312IMG 7402

Kaitlin first Thanksgiving 

IMG 7449

Thanksgiving Weekend

Didi and Rachel came up on Wednesday to celebrate Thanksgiving with us in Ohio!! We always do a PF Changsgiving on Wednesday! It is so good and easy and everyone is happy! Its tradition !

IMG 7478

Didi and Kaitlin made awesome turkey cookies! 

IMG 2024

Thursday was such a fun day! We started by watching the Macys Parade and playing Parade Bingo!!! It was so cute and had spaces like “ announcer saying all they way from” and “baton twirlers” or  “ marching band”. It was so fun and made the parade a competition

IMG 7484

Dad was crowd control while we cooked 

IMG 7486

He also played some guitar and we sang some Christmas carols

IMG 7487

These two are so much fun 

IMG 7490

All the girls ! It is so much fun cooking with Rachel.

IMG 7492

Didi and the girls

IMG 7496

After we ate the amazing meal we played Disney Headbandz to burn off our dinner! 

IMG 7502

Colin slept while we ate but he had fun after he woke up 

IMG 2219

We did some shopping on Black Friday and got some awesome deals!! So thankful for such an amazing weekend with Didi and Rachel!!! They are so great to travel to us and we are very thankful for them!