Sunday, September 21, 2014

Soccer Saturday

Kaitlin had an early game this week! It was not cold and was a beautiful crisp Ohio morning! We love her sweet team and it is so fun cheering for the girls!
Kaitlin scored 3 goals this week and had so much fun too! We are so proud of our soccer star!
It was extra special since Kaitlin had an entire cheering section at the game! We were so thrilled to have Didi and Ray come up for the weekend
We had a celebration breakfast at SunnyStreet Cafe!

Such a fun start to a special soccer weekend!


Friday, September 12, 2014

Colin's first day of school

Colin had his first day of school last week. We went to meet the teacher day and he was very excited!
He is looking so big and grow up these days
He sat and did a craft
And explored the room
He was less than excited to take a first day of school picture.
Kaitlin did give him an extra hug for good luck
This was the best I could do!

He had a great day and went right in his classroom no tears! He didn't even look back to say goodbye. He ate lunch like a big kid and they said outside playtime was his favorite. He was so dirty after school covered in paint and dirt. I wish I had taken an after school picture! I am very thankful for a great start to his year


Monday, September 8, 2014

A day with the crew

Kaitlin and Kory went to the MLS Columbus Crew game on Sunday! It was an amazing day with beautiful weather. It was sunny and 70 degrees. The game was in the afternoon so they got to enjoy the entire game.
Their first MLS game
They sat in the family section so they had games and the mascot visited more often
Learning some new soccer moves
Enjoying the beautiful day and an exciting game! The Crew won 3-0!
They had a special play area just for kids and Kaitlin had a blast

Such a fun day! Kaitlin's fav part of the day was winning!


Monday, September 1, 2014

All Vol weekend

Growing up in Knoxville we wore orange on Friday in the fall before game days ! Old habits die hard so we still wear orange on Friday, Saturday and even sometimes Sunday!
Kaitlin wore orange on Friday to school and she was expecting lots of orange! I explained to her that there were not too many Tennessee fans in Ohio. There were lots of Buckeye shirts and Kaitlin declared that Tennessee fans were second!
Excited about the weekend
Tennessee played on Sunday so we all wore orange on Sunday to church! We got lots of strange stares and lots of people were very interested in our orange parade
Ready for the game
It was a long wait for the game

Tennessee won and we had a great weekend!


Friday, August 29, 2014

Beach baby

These are the last beach pictures we had such a fun week! These are some of my favorite pictures
My beach baby
My sweet boys
We had amazing pizza at Amicis! They had the sweetest accordian player that loved our kids. He even came by and played Mary Poppins music! So so sweet!
Clearly it was a fun night
Family fun
Can't believe how big she is getting
Jumping the waves
Sweet boy loves the beach
We met my aunt for ice cream one night and had so much fun visiting
Kaitlin had her first Sonic slush....... It was a hit!
Just watching the waves
We ate at Jimmy Buffets on the water! Such a fun dinner and so relaxing

We had a great trip and can't wait for next year


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Jellyfish Princess

Kaitlin and I were playing in the ocean and she acted a little startled. I assumed she stepped on a shell. She was insistant she was fine and wanted to keep playing. Her leg was really red so I had to drag her out if the ocean to check it out.
She had a red mark that looked similar to a jellyfish. We had the lifeguard check it out and she said wet sand was the best thing for a sting. Kaitlin decided that she wants to a lifeguard and that she would go back in the ocean. She was so brave!
Found this cute pic of Didi and Kaitllin from dinner at Mr Fish
After an exciting day on the beach we headed to Calabash.
Calabash Creamery is our favorite
Sweet girl
It's tradition to have your picture made with the cow
Another beautiful day and another big girl
Colin loves the ocean
And the sand
After another amazing day we headed to Flying Fish at Barefoot Landing
We had so much fun with Didi and were so thankful to spend a few fun days with him in the sun