Monday, May 18, 2015

Spirit week

Kaitlin still has 2 weeks of school so to make the last few weeks a little more fun they had spirit Week!
Hat day
Mix and match day 
Crazy sock day
We also had a cupcake date and Kaitlin loved it! 

Dress like wolfie day

Friday was jersey day

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Colin's week of fun

IColin's school had a very fun busy week! He had workout Wednesday and end of year party this week that all the parents were invited to participate! 

Colin was exhausted after the ice cream part and slept on me for over an hour! This does not happen anymore! Poor kid was so tired! 
Colin ahead field day on Friday and I got to be with his class all day! Field day was a huge deal and the school had big inflatables and they even had a train that all the kids got to rise! It was an amazing day!

Such a fun week for Colin

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Daddy weekend

Kory kept the kids all weekend by himself and flew me to Tennessee for my sisters bridal shower!! They had a great weekend! Starting the weekend off right at Krispy Kreme! 
Kaitlin for to be a walker and they walked home from school! 
They had soccer and a Kentucky Derby party so they had a pretty full schedule!
The kids had a wonderful time at the party and stayed all night! 
They had great weather and played and played and played outside 

They had a wonderful weekend!!! They even came inside to pick me up at the airport!! This was the longest I have ever been away from them so it was gods to get hugs from everyone!!! Team Shinlever was back together!

Muffins with mom

Colin invited me  to his preschool Mother's Day celebration. we had muffins with mom last week! It was fun to see him in his environment! 
We made a picture frame together! This was my favorite thing of the morning!! Colin did the stickers and I did the letters! 
Colin was so happy I was there!
We had a fun morning at his school!! So thankful for him! 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Zoo day

We had a beautiful day last week and we headed to the zoo to enjoy the weather!!
Kaitlin loves the reptile house and always is brave to pet the snakes!! 
It didn't start out as a tradition to take a picture with Pepe the penguin but now it is!!

Colin loved the petting zoo!!! He could have stayed there all day and he loved all the goats!!

Greatest Show on Earth

Kaitlin and Kory had a date to the circus last week! They had the best time!
The camel hat was free with the $12 Cotten candy that Kaitlin talked about all week before the circus! They soon realized Kaitlin doesn't like Cotten candy! But at least we have a camel hat!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Swim school

Kaitlin started swim school this week! She has not been a fan of putting her face in the water and we think learning to swim is so important! She was so excited and ready for her first day!

Kailtin had an amazing first class

Her teachers were so patient and Kailtlin loved every second! She even put her face in the water! This is a huge deal,! We can't wait for next week! 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Last day

We originally were scheduled to fly out early early out of NYC but our flight was totally cancelled so we had another morning in the city! Kory found another breakfast place off the beaten path! 
We had a leisurely breakfast and talked about how much we missed the kids!

We had the most wonderful time together and it was such a special way to celebrate 10 years of marriage!!! We made it back home and were happy to be back! See ya in 10 years NYC! 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

NYC day 2

Day 2 in NYC started out in the Lower East side at Clinton St baking Company! This cute little place was on every top 10 list so Kory knew we had to eat here! We had a window seat and it was a great way to start the day! They are famous for their pancakes and they were amazing! My eggs were the best eggs I have ever had! Ever!! 

We headed down to the financial district after brunch. The 9/11 Memorial was so vast and really took my breath away! We spent a long time reflecting at the memorial! It was very impactful for both of us! 
One World Trade 
We grabbed some New York Pizza and it was amazing! Then we saw Wicked!!! I knew all the music but had never seen it and I was amazed! Kory thought there was a bit much on the singing!  Ha! He is not a musical kind of guy but loves me so much that he suffered for me! 

Kens Steakhouse was the prefect after theatre prethratre place to eat!!! It was amazing food and great service! And so close to Broadway!
Times Square

Aladdin was amazing!! It still has the original cast and they were unbelievable! I could not stay on my seat it was so amazing! We had great seats and it was a dream come true! 2 Broadway shows in one day!