Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Butterfly Chair

This is Katlin at 3 days old. She looks so sweet and peaceful in her cute butterfly chair. Later that evening at 3AM she was screaming and boxing the butterflies.At 3 days old taking her aggression out on those poor butterflies. She has grown to love the seat but those pesky butterflies have always been taunting Kaitlin.

Until today when she grabbed the butterflies and finally got them for good!! They are attached by sturdy Velcro and she grabbed, pulled, and finally caught them.Kaitlin was thrilled and chewed the butterflies. She showed them who was boss around our house. It is amazing to see how much she has grown in 4 months!

Bumbo Fun

Kaitlin is loving her Bumbo these days. She has figured out when I put her in the chair it means food!! She gets so excited and squeals in delight. The menu of rice cereal never changes but she is still quite happy to be eating "real food". Sweet potatoes are next so hopefully she will love those just as much.

Ready for today's special
Tired of the paparazzi
Nap Time

Thursday, July 23, 2009

SEC Media Day

Kaitlin is very excited to see Coach Kiffin and Eric Berry today at SEC Media Day!!! She dressed up for the occasion. Only 42 more days till Football Time in Tennessee!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rolling on the Blanket!!

Kaitlin loves to wiggle and she has been trying her hardest to roll over. Well practice makes perfect. She has now rolled from front to back and back to front. She doesn't always like it and she is very surprised when she gets over. Here are some action shots of our little mover.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rice Ceral

Kaitlin had her 1st real food last week. She could not get enough of the rice ceral and we could not get it in her mouth fast enough!! She is one happy girl.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Road Trip

Kaitlin just got back from her 1st road trip. We went my parents and Cool Aunt Rachel all the way to Port St Lucie West! It was 16 hours in the car and Kaitlin did great. It was so nice to be with my family and have 3 extra sets of hands helping with Kaitlin. We had a fabulous time and it was a great bonding time for our family. It is the rainy season in South Florida so we had some major storms.The local meteorologist Keenan would never give us a 5 day forecast because it was rain every day!! We made memories that will last a life time. Thanks for a great week guys!