Monday, January 30, 2012

Taking it Easy

Poor Kaitlin has been sick for a week now with a cold and cough! We are so ready for her to feel better and for the winter germs to go far far away!

We have been staying away from others and have been busy!

She has been entertained with her new alphabet Fisher price computer! Kaitlin calls it her “babypad”!


Lots of coloring and arts and crafts


Lots of snuggles


We are ready for her to feel better and get back to perfecting her soccer skills!


Hoping a few more days will help her feel 100% and we will have some fun outside of our house!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Back to the Future

Kory was busy all week taking orders from a crazy nesting woman who is trying to find all my baby stuff! I had totally forgotten how much “stuff” comes with a baby. I am slowly remembering all the neat things we have to welcome our new baby home. Kaitlin was thrilled when we brought out some new “toys."


We are really in trouble! I can already see a fight for the Bumbo now! I can not remember her ever being this little and now it is so amazing to see how my baby has changed into a Big girl!!

8-9 Weeks 106

Kaitlin loved this chair when she was tiny

9-10 weeks 015

Some things never change!!

Jan 2012 001

I have about 6 weeks until we have another baby and I couldn’t be more excited!! People have been asking if I am putting the finishing touches on his room. I try not to laugh… we have started on his room that is currently a guest room! We have a place to change him which will be used very frequently in the months to come!

Jan 2012 006

Here is the rest of the “nursery” We have a LOT of work to do but I know it will all get done!

Jan 2012 009

If not, newborns can totally sleep in a queen sized bed right!!?? We will be getting to work! Actually poor Kory will be working while I give directions!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Kiki

Today is Kaitlin’s Kiki’s birthday!  Now that Kaitlin is a little older, they’ve become BFFs whenever they’re around.  They love to read together …


Go on trips together like to the Aquarium and the Zoo …

October 2011 Knoxville 067October 2011 Knoxville 028

And go window shopping in stores that Kory believes are a little too old for Kaitlin …


They’re always having a great time no matter what they’re doing, and Kaitlin can’t wait for Kiki to come visit her in March!

October 2011 Knoxville 009

Happy Birthday Kiki!  We love you!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Tutu Fun

Kaitlin is more and more fun everyday!! Last week we played dress up for hours and it was a blast. At one point she was yelling for “Help” and when Kory came to her rescue she needed help because she had dumped ALL her stuffed animals out of the bins! She told him to “clean up big mess”! Kaitlin is a riot!


Practicing her curtsey!


She is really growing up too fast! I can’t believe I am planning her 3rd birthday party!


We are so busy these days and I usually have to wake Kaitlin up from naptime or in the morning to get somewhere on time so Friday we had a special day of not going anywhere!  It was wonderful and we got some much needed down time. She wanted to watch a little show on “HER ELMOPAD” before naptime and she was just so happy to be at home!


Somehow between Christmas and spring cleaning we had lost “red car” for a couple weeks! Kaitlin found him on Friday and did not let him out of her hand!


Kory and Kaitlin had an ice cream  date on Friday while I was helping get ready for a baby shower! They had the best time and Kaitlin went on and on about it when they got home!! Kory is such a great dad and I foresee many more dates in their future!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


This past weekend, Kaitlin went to the birthday party of one of her sweet little friends at the Little Gym.  Kaitlin hadn’t been here before and she had such a good time.  At first, she did pretty well with the whole “Take Instructions & Wait” thing …


At some point though, she became impatient and just went WILD running all over the place.  She wasn’t a big fan of waiting her turn and at one point, I looked up and she was on this balance beam BY HERSELF WITHOUT HELP!!!  Scared me to death … but the girl does have some balance! 


The picture below is pretty blurry but she got an idea for a new game at the party too … TUNNEL!!!


It didn’t take long for her to knock out on Saturday night after all the fun & festivities.


Now, when she gets up from her nap, I can hear her in her crib exclaiming, “PAARR-TAY!!!”


I guess she’s just trying to dress the part now.  What a fun little girl!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Little Reader

Kaitlin’s bed time routine is the same every night.  She takes a bath; reads some books; prays with her Daddy; then its time for “night night.”  Last night, she was really excited about reading and jumped in her chair before either of us could catch her.  To our surprise, she started to read on her own!  Here’s Kaitlin reading The Going to Bed Book.

The Going to Bed Book

Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Didi!

Kaitlin’s Didi turned a very young 57 years old today.  After going to a friend’s birthday party this weekend, Kaitlin was VERY excited for Didi’s “happy day” and party.  She could barely contain herself …

Kaitlin excited about Didi’s birthday.

These 2 have a lot of fun when they get together!


Happy Birthday Didi!  We love you!

Christmas 2011 089

IPhone Fun

None of these pictures are award winning pics but this has been our life the past week!!

Walking in princess shoes


It is harder than it looks! Practice makes perfect


That’s more like it!


My little snowbird… do you remember the snowbird report when we were little!

We got a “dusting” of snow on Thursday


Sweet girl watching a movie


More princess shoes!!

January 2012 001

A My Little Pony party


A little glimpse into our week… full of fun !

Sunday, January 15, 2012


My sweet girly girl has a new love… Cars!!

January 2012 040

We love the movies and love all the action cars.

January 2012 045

Kaitlin wanted her picture made with “Happy Car”! We need to work on on our posing… she said cheese and then ran to approve the picture on the OTHER side of the camera. She loved it.

January 2012 047

Watching “Cars” while playing with cars

January 2012 051

Posing with Purple car

January 2012 049

It is so interesting to watch Kaitlin crash the cars together and make them bang into each other. The very next minute she is rocking them to sleep and making them go night night.

January 2012 050

We are playing cars a lot in our house these days. She is going to LOVE having a brother that she can play cars with someday.

January 2012 019

Our favorite car “Happy Car”.

January 2012 020

Racing cars is so much fun.

January 2012 024January 2012 025

The girl LOVES to race!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pretty Plaid

I got some cute pictures of Kaitlin on Sunday running out the door for church!! She was proud she picked out her big pink bow all by herself! She wants more and more freedom in her outfits these days! Kory lets her have complete freedom and her outfits are wild! I allow choices and matching bow options!

January 2012 008

Pretty in plaid

January 2012 006

She was totally over me at this point and requested me to “shooo and stop!!”

January 2012 004January 2012 009

So happy to take a picture with Daddy!

January 2012 012


January 2012 017

So happy after church with her lunch and watching Cars 2 on her “Elmopad”!