Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kaitlin Quotes

Most recently, Kaitlin has been quite the little amateur comedian.  She’s been saying some of the most random things lately out of nowhere that just leave Kory & I laughing hysterically.

One of Kaitlin’s favorite new Christmas toys is “Cookie” the talking dog. 


She’s also started watching toy story again. Combine the 2 and she’s been riding Cookie …


Squealing, “YEEEEEEEHAW!!!”

Jan 2012 018_thumb[2]

When we first asked Kaitlin whether she thought Mommy would have a boy or girl, she told us “A Puppy!”


Now, that’s changed.  When Kory asked her at bath time this week  what she wanted to name her brother she replied, “CAPTAIN HOOK!”  I guess Kaitlin has been swashbuckling (below) with Jake & The Neverland Pirates a little too much lately.

Jan 2012 019

Then, as we were eating dinner this weekend, Kaitlin was running around the dinner table like a wild woman pushing her baby stroller (said object of affection in background).  We told her to slow down so she came to a complete stop and violently PUSHED the stroller across the room and it CRASHED into the wall.  Kory and I stopped eating gave Kaitlin the “what was that???” look …

Jan 2012 016

And with a smile on her face, she looked back at us and squealed, “GOOOOAAAALLLL!!!!!”  I guess those afternoons in the backyard with her daddy have rubbed off!


  1. She's so adorable! I had to LOL at the Baby being a puppy comment. That was too cute. Kids can say the silliest things :)

  2. Congrats on having a baby boy for number two! Little boys are pretty cute and pretty special to have one of each!

  3. ha!! at that age they are so adorable!!!