Thursday, May 30, 2013

Growing up

Colin isn't looking like a baby anymore! He looks so big and is acting like a big kid too! He is trying new foods every meal and is loving his new options with food. Last week he had hamburger, steak, peaches, potatoes, watermelon, corn, and squash. He loves his food.
My sweet boy
Waiting patiently for his meal
Kaitlin is growing up too fast and is such a little lady
Colin had a fever virus this week and perked up today! It is so sad seeing your baby sick and I am so thankful he is feeling better!
Kaitlin cleaned the playroom and was so proud

The back of this dress makes her look so old! Time needs to slow down and keep my babies little!


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Weekend recap

We had a very laid back weekend! It started off very chilly. We ran errands and got doughnuts Saturday morning. Our entire family was in sweatshirts it was so cold. It warmed up and we grilled steaks and corn. It was so nice to be able to grill and we played outside at the park.
Sunday started off chilly again so it was sweaters for church. Colin had a hard time in the nursery and didn't make it thru the music! Poor guy. He slept on the way home and went right back down in his crib when we got home.
We played with Kaitlin while Colin slept and had so much fun outside. We played with bubbles, chalk, played hide and seek, and just enjoyed each other!
We even went on our first wagon ride as a family of four!
Memorial Day everyone was thrilled to be taking more pictures!
Not a warm holiday at all! Brrrrr!
We had friends over and grilled out burgers. I made some yummy salads and even made a blueberry cheesecake from scratch!
We ate and played with the kids it was a wonderful way to end the weekend!

We had an amazing weekend and are so thankful for those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom!



Last Day of School

Kaitlin had her last day of school and it is hard to believe it is already over! This year flew by and it is amazing to see how much Kaitlin has grown!

DSC_0006 (2)

She had a great year at school and had music, art, gym, and science everyday! Science was her favorite and she has retained so much of what they studied! Kaitlin is now such a big girl and this year was very good for her maturing!

DSC_0005 (2)DSC_0006 (2)DSC_0005

Happy Summer!!!! We are ready for some warm weather and the pool!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Last Day at the Beach

We had amazing weather the last two days at the beach! Everyone had a great time in the sand and took great naps! We were on a great schedule and the kids taking naps made dinner more pleasant every night!


We ate at Mr. Fish Thursday night and had a fun time! Kaitlin was very concerned about who was Mr. Fish and how big was he?? It was so funny to hear her questions! Kory got shrimp and scallops and they were yummy!


IMG_2216.JPG (2)

Last day on the beach and Colin was so tired he fell asleep on the beach! He had such a great week and it was so fun to see him playing in the sand!


When Colin woke up we went to Joe’s Hamburgers for some cheap burgers and it was so good! The beach got very crowded on Friday and there were people everywhere on the roads!



We took much needed naps and ate at Flying Fish Friday night! I got the most amazing buffalo shrimp! It was so great! It was a wonderful way to end the trip!

IMG_2233.JPG (2)

We miss the beach but we are so thankful for this vacation to get away and be together as a family! It was a wonderful way to start our summer!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Captains and Calabash

We started out our morning at Sea Captain's house! It is right on the ocean and has the best view in town! I remember coming to this resturaunt when I was little so it is always special to bring my family back every year. It was an all you can eat breakfast so they lost money on Colin! He loved everything and it was all you can drink milk so Kaitlin was very happy too!
It is tradition to get your picture made with the captain!
Here is Kaitlin's first visit in 2009 at 6 months old
Here is Colin last year at 6 months old
It was a perfect beach day and we had a blast
Colin is a beach baby
I loved this! Sweet boy just watching the waves

We got ready and headed to Little River and Calabash we tried a new resturaunt right on the river! Kory had a great meal and the hush puppies were amazing.

Then we headed to our favorite ice cream place, Calabash Creamery!
This was Kaitlin with the Calabash cow two years ago! She has grown up so much!

Kaitlin remembered this place and was so excited to come back for a yummy treat!

Kaitlin got blue moon ice cream and thought she was so cool! We had so much fun and it was another great day at the beach