Friday, August 29, 2014

Beach baby

These are the last beach pictures we had such a fun week! These are some of my favorite pictures
My beach baby
My sweet boys
We had amazing pizza at Amicis! They had the sweetest accordian player that loved our kids. He even came by and played Mary Poppins music! So so sweet!
Clearly it was a fun night
Family fun
Can't believe how big she is getting
Jumping the waves
Sweet boy loves the beach
We met my aunt for ice cream one night and had so much fun visiting
Kaitlin had her first Sonic slush....... It was a hit!
Just watching the waves
We ate at Jimmy Buffets on the water! Such a fun dinner and so relaxing

We had a great trip and can't wait for next year


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Jellyfish Princess

Kaitlin and I were playing in the ocean and she acted a little startled. I assumed she stepped on a shell. She was insistant she was fine and wanted to keep playing. Her leg was really red so I had to drag her out if the ocean to check it out.
She had a red mark that looked similar to a jellyfish. We had the lifeguard check it out and she said wet sand was the best thing for a sting. Kaitlin decided that she wants to a lifeguard and that she would go back in the ocean. She was so brave!
Found this cute pic of Didi and Kaitllin from dinner at Mr Fish
After an exciting day on the beach we headed to Calabash.
Calabash Creamery is our favorite
Sweet girl
It's tradition to have your picture made with the cow
Another beautiful day and another big girl
Colin loves the ocean
And the sand
After another amazing day we headed to Flying Fish at Barefoot Landing
We had so much fun with Didi and were so thankful to spend a few fun days with him in the sun


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Beach vacation

We went to beach in August and had the best time with our family! The weather looked pretty gloomy in the 10 day forecast but we were lucky to get lots of beach time! Our kids love the beach and the ocean so they were happy all week
We got to Myrtle Beach Saturday amd it was not very nice weather. We went to Hamburger Joes and had a 30 minute wait not bad for a Saturday night.
It was the perfect start to the week!
We went to our favorite breakfast place, Dino's for breakfast on Sunday! Kailtin thought it was fun to play with the coffee cup!
We actually got on the beach on Sunday. It was not pretty but we were on the beach
We had a few passing showers and then a huge storm came and washed us back to the cono! We were soaked but had a great time!
We went to Mr Fish and had a great meal

Wonderful start to the week


Thursday, August 21, 2014

First day of school

Kaitlin had an amazing first day of school! She was so excited and ready for her big day!
All ready to go with her backpack
Kory was able to take her and it was so special for both of them to share the day together. The school actually took this picture of them walking in together! Such a special picture of the first day
Ready for the day
Hanging up her backpack
She was so excited
One last hug
She was ready to learn!
She had the best day! I am so thankful for a great first day