Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cutting with Kaitlin

Kaitlin will be in Preschool next year but I found some neat things to do a little extra work at home. I was never a great fine motor student and my cutting always needed work. I got the cutest first cutting kit and Kaitlin is loving her new skill. Of courses he picked the snake as her first project, She cut the circle into a snake and added the stickers. She wants to do every Craft in the box at one sitting so we have to enforce a one craft a day rule.

So proud of her new snake

Her scared face

I also got a dry erase board to practice her letters. This was not a hit but will be great in the coming months.



Wednesday, February 27, 2013


It is not easy getting these two to take a picture together! But it happened.


They loved every second of the photo shoot! I am hoping this is the last month we need our adorable snowman outfits! Hopeful but I am also a realist!

These two will soon be conspiring against me. They just look like they are up to something.

I love his cute little half smile

Almost a smile

There is a big smile
Pretty girl

We will take the snow that is coming tomorrow but we are ready for flowers and playing outside Not in the snow! We we see if March comes in like a lamb or a lion. Either way we hope they don't bring snow!


Monday, February 25, 2013

Princess on ice

Kory and Kaitlin went to Disney on Ice on Sunday. They had the best time and Kaitlin was so amazed the entire time!

We tried to explain to Kaitlin all week that she would see the Disney characters on ice and they would be skating! She told me Friday night she was too nervous and did not want to skate in the show! Poor thing thought she would be on the ice. We told her that she would be watching and was much more excited about the show.

Kaitlin sat in her seat and was attentive for most of the two hour show! She loved seeing Peter Pan, Alice, and the princesses. Tiana and Rapenzuel were crowd favorites as well.

Kaitlin and Kory got a huge popcorn at intermission and Kaitlin told Kory that "mommy is missin me !" Then she confessed she missed me too!

I was so excited that Kaitlin had a great time and so thankful for a wonderful husband who treated our princess to a big date. We were putting a very tired and happy girl to bed and she told us that she was so happy to be home! A special end to a special day!


Sunday, February 24, 2013

One week

Colin is 11 months old for one more week! It is amazing to see how big and grownup he seems know and how fast his first year has flown by so fast.

It is exhausting being a baby


Mealtime is a favorite for Colin


My sweet boys


Colin getting a little braver everyday


Checking out his bottle to make sure it is all gone


Loving the new stroller


We ate at our favorite mexican place Friday and Colin loved trying the tortillas and had some of Kaitlin's chicken.


He loved his pancake today! One more week until my baby is one! We are going to enjoy our baby this week!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


We have had snow everyday since Friday in Ohio. Not tons of snow just snow showers for an hour covers everything then nothing! Poor Kaitlin is so tired of the snow and is ready to play outside. Her reply to the snow one day was " not again!" We will welcome spring weather any day.
We are getting creative with being inside and Kaitlin built a "pirate ship" and we had fun playing at sea.
Baby Colin tried grilled cheese sandwiches, bacon, pot roast, and biscuits! He is a hungry boy and loves to try new things.
Happy boy
Kaitlin ready for the day! She talks non stop all day and is so creative in her games. We are always " saving animals" or looking for treasure. It is an adventure with my girl everyday.
Look at all his teeth
Colin is now drinking milk out of his cup for every feeding except his night bottle. He loves the freedom of feeding himself and transitioned to milk drama free.
Loving his Daddy
I love that they love each other so much! My sweet boys
Snow. This was an hours worth of snow one day. Over it.


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Laid back day

We had a laid back Valentine's Day! My day started out with Kaitlin sleeping until 9 and Colin napping until 10 (after he woke up at 6:30) so i was so thankful for a quiet morning. We surprised Kory with a cookie cake. He was very happy and Kaitlin was so proud of the cookie " she made him".

We made Valentine cards and had Chickfila for lunch.

Kory surprised me with the cutest flowers and got amazing takeout from Carrabas ! It was a very laid back day and it was very sweet and special.

Neither one of my children wanted anything to do with my camera or each other so this was the best I could get of their adorable shirts.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine Treats

Kaitlin talked and talked and talked about her goodie bag.  She woke up and could not get dressed fast enough to get to school and finally get her precious prize. She was so proud of it and could not wait to see all her Valentines!


She has looked at her Valentines everyday and is begging  me to get a book so “she can keep them forever! Kaitlin is a big fan of Valentines Day!


We made some special heart cupcakes and she wanted to make sure they tasted ok! The heart sprinkles passed quality control and Kaitlin passed them to be eaten by everyone.


Kaitlin was so proud of her straw Valentine she gave to everyone in her class.


Kaitlin and her “CUPIG” …he does the cupid shuffle!!


Best $2.50 I ever spent!


We are ready for a day full of love!