Monday, January 31, 2011

It’s a New Car!!!!

As we prepare for another winter storm that’s supposed to hit NWA on Tuesday, we had a pleasant break in the weather over the weekend.  We woke up to a 70 degree day on Saturday and took advantage of it all afternoon!  Kory finally got around to putting together Kaitlin’s Princess Cozy Coupe that her Kiki got her for Christmas.  She was SO excited to see her new car that we couldn’t keep her out of it!


The sun was shining so bright Kaitlin actually used her sunglasses for the first time.  Doesn’t she look cool in her new ride???


We had so much fun on Saturday and now I believe all 3 of us have Spring fever and it’s still January. 


Thanks to God for blessing our area with such wonderful weather.  What a day!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Little Girl & Her Purse

Kaitlin found one of my old purses the other day and hasn’t let it go since.  She’s be playing with it non stop …


She carries it around all over the place and goes from her bedroom to the playroom filling it with her toys.  From her brush, to her cars and Mrs. Potato Head, there isn’t much she won’t put in there … reminds me of my Mimi stuffing her purse full of goodies to go to the movie theatre!


What a girl!  I am so proud of her.  She’s going to cost her daddy some money one day if she keeps this up!


Who’s #1???


Her Didi would be so proud!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Party Time

Kaitlin has been a lucky girl with 2 birthday parties the past 2 weekends. They were both at a local inflatable place  Jump zone and Kaitlin had so much fun. This is the way to have a party with a toddler. Take the kids somewhere else!

This was Kaitlin’s favorite area the “Finding Nemo” inflatable. She would just stay in there and jump her little heart out! Thankfully Kory went with me to help control Kaitlin and I got to visit with friends.


Kaitlin also liked the Sesame Street area. It was for toddlers so everything was a little smaller. It was the perfect size for an almost 2 year old.


Kaitlin also LOVED the parties because of all the yummy goodies. She could get use to this birthday party thing! I am afraid we will be in Jump zone withdrawal this weekend with NO party.


Waiting for the yummy cake!


Kaitlin was very interested in the balloons and she has played with her balloon nonstop since Saturday!


Not so sure about the cake but LOVED the icing!


She finally got the hang of the cake and it was gone


Happy Birthday to two sweet girls. Kaitlin had a blast celebrating with you guys! Kaitlin turns 2 in 2 months! I am having so much fun planning her party. Actually I am almost done planning it! I still can’t believe she is almost two!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Just Classic

Kaitlin has been doing some oddly funny things lately.  I can’t really explain it but I guess that’s what happens as your child approaches 2 years old.

Evidently Care Bear and Ducky have a crush on each other.  Move over Millionaire Match Maker!


Riding her Zebra, she decided it would be more adventurous to blindfold him with her blanket …


Kaitlin has been staying up a little later at night with us lately.  When she gets tired she makes herself comfortable on the hardwood floor with her panda pal pillow & a Tennessee snuggie!



Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Girl

Kaitlin was so excited about ALL the snow we got today!


Kaitlin loves dancing with her Mickey Mouse! It was hours of endless fun!


Mickey is the perfect snow toy!


Kaitlin LOVED watching the snow


It is hard work getting ready to play in the snow!! The favorite part of the day for Kaitlin was her new cute boots. She makes me so proud. She HUGGED them and was quite upset outside because the snow kept covering up her new boots!


It is tough walking in snow but we had fun together!


Doesn’t she look like she having a blast!


Her little gloves made a heart in the snow! We took longer to get ready than actual in the snow time.


When Kaitlin woke up she had whelps all over her little legs and arms. With all the snow our Dr’s office closed but thankfully we found a place open to see Kaitlin. She apparently had an allergic reaction to “ something” so she was given 3 prescriptions. We are praying for a quick recovery!


Kory kept her occupied with Mickey Mouse on his phone and she was such a trooper!

Snow Day 2  coming up tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Scottie Dog Fun

Kaitlin and her Daddy before church. What a cute pair!


She kept barking like her Scottie dogs. It was so funny!



Our playgroup went to the Fire Department for a fieldtrip last week. Kaitlin always says GOGO  when she sees a fire truck so I thought she would enjoy herself.


She was amazed at the antique fire engine and wanted to play on it.


She was upset she could not play on the hundred year old truck!


Once she got back in the car she was happy again!