Monday, January 31, 2011

It’s a New Car!!!!

As we prepare for another winter storm that’s supposed to hit NWA on Tuesday, we had a pleasant break in the weather over the weekend.  We woke up to a 70 degree day on Saturday and took advantage of it all afternoon!  Kory finally got around to putting together Kaitlin’s Princess Cozy Coupe that her Kiki got her for Christmas.  She was SO excited to see her new car that we couldn’t keep her out of it!


The sun was shining so bright Kaitlin actually used her sunglasses for the first time.  Doesn’t she look cool in her new ride???


We had so much fun on Saturday and now I believe all 3 of us have Spring fever and it’s still January. 


Thanks to God for blessing our area with such wonderful weather.  What a day!

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