Friday, January 7, 2011

White Christmas

We woke up to beautiful snow on Christmas Day. It was magical and really made it feel like Christmas.


Kaitlin was extra good this year and Santa brought her an overflowing stocking and a Circus tent!

Kaitlin finds what Santa left!

She was quite overwhelmed at first with all new stuff but she soon was very excited about her new special hiding place. Gigi and Rachel made an amazing breakfast and even made Kaitlin’s favorite muffins. We enjoyed some yummy food and opened presents.



Kaitlin even got her own Piggy perfect for Razorback country. She finally got the hang of opening presents but it took her a little while to figure out that you can play with the presents later.


It was an All Vol Christmas for the rest of us! We were thankful for warm Tennessee gear later in week when we all went to the Music City Bowl!

IMG_6799Mom and Dad found our old Christmas sweatshirts and wrapped them up for us. We laughed and laughed as it was an unexpected gift!


Next stop was Kiki and Pop’s for a wonderful lunch and more fun!  She had a great time playing with her silly Pop  before everyone got there!

Pop and Kaitlin playing together on Christmas.

Kaitlin LOVES her cousins!  Kiley and Hannah are so good playing with her when she’s in town. 


Kaitlin loved being chased and had so much fun with all her cousins and Aunt Gina!


Christmas is so exhausting for little ones. Kaitlin opened up a few presents and then was too tired. We took our pack n play over to Gigi’s and she took a world record nap!


Dancing Mickey Mouse was a BIG hit this Christmas!  She LOVES Mickey and LOVES to dance … no brainer, huh???  Thanks Kiki & Pop!!!

Kaitlin got a Mickey Mouse Dance Party for Christmas.

Kaitlin missed out on the group picture but they sure are cute!


We made it back to Gigi’s for a wonderful dinner and fellowship with Uncle Judd and The Frey’s. It started snowing so our company made a quick exit to home and we put to bed a very tired little girl. It was a wonderful day filled with many laughs and special memories!

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  1. What a cute Circus Tent! Do you mind sharing where you purchased it? I am throwing my son a circus party for his 2nd Bday and this would be soooo cute to have there!