Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy Car

Santa came to visit Kaitlin at Kiki’s house and Kaitlin was thrilled to see what he left her!!  She was eagerly waiting on me just to get inside.Christmas 2011 105

Christmas 2011 106

HAPPY CAR!!! This is Kaitlin’s favorite character from Cars 2! She named him “Happy Car” and it was a very popular present to say the least.

Christmas 2011 108

She didn’t really care about anything else besides her play dough and of course “Happy Car”.

Christmas 2011 110

He did not leave her side the rest of the day.

Christmas 2011 120

Happy Car, Hannah and Kaitlin playing on the iPod.

Christmas 2011 124Christmas 2011 122Christmas 2011 125

All the cousins by age!! These are all so cute and Kaitlin looks different in every picture. I could not believe she stood still, smiled, and looked at the camera! It was truly a Christmas miracle!

Christmas 2011 131

Happy Car still with us!

Christmas 2011 132Christmas 2011 136Christmas 2011 144Christmas 2011 157

All the great grand children with Mamaw!

Christmas 2011 169

With some great help from her cousins Kaitlin got the hang of opening presents!

Christmas 2011 187Christmas 2011 191Christmas 2011 183Christmas 2011 193

Kaitlin showing off Happy Car to Mamaw …


We had such fun at Kiki and Pop’s house and we are so thankful to have time to spend with our entire family! What a blessing our family is to us!

Christmas 2011 129

Christmas Morning

We were all up early to see what Santa brought Kaitlin!! Someone forgot to tell Kaitlin it was Christmas morning and she slept till 9:30! Santa was very good to Kaitlin and she was so excited to see the train table.

Christmas 2011 067Christmas 2011 068

And a beautiful table and chairs

Christmas 2011 069

So excited

Christmas 2011 070

She had no interest in anything else after seeing the table!

Christmas 2011 071

Didi and Kaitlin…. not sure who is having more fun

Christmas 2011 072

This girl LOVES her trains!

Christmas 2011 086Christmas 2011 088

We finally convinced her to open “Aunt Ray’s” present and then it was tea time….. best present ever!

Christmas 2011 095

We came back to my parents house for an amazing Christmas dinner and Kaitlin found her favorite spot to sit one last time!! We had such a fun time!! Such a special day!

Christmas 2011 210Christmas 2011 211

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ice Skating Fun

Our days in Knoxville were spent playing with “Aunt Ray” at my parents house!! They are best buds and Rachel was so great at keeping Kaitlin entertained!! As soon as we got to my parents house Kaitlin would cheer and yell “play Ray”! It was so sweet!

Christmas 2011 031Christmas 2011 033

It is an annual tradition for Pop to take everyone skating! Kaitlin was never old enough and I thought she was too young this year! We went knowing we would probably stay five minutes!


Kaitlin put on the skates no problem and put up a little fight with the gloves!


She was a little hesitant on the skates


But as soon as she got on the ice and started getting pushed around she LOVED every second! I was so thankful we had so many hands to help keep Kaitlin going around and around! It looked like hard work and I think some of the adults were more tired then Kaitlin after all that skating!


She was so happy she did not want to get off the ice


She kept saying more time!! They took a break to resurface the skating rink and Kaitlin was the last one off the ice!


I did not ice skate but got some sweet pictures of the fun


After 2 plus hours of skating we had to drag Kaitlin off the ice! She was so tired but had the best day ever!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Building Bears and Christmas Trivia

We spent a wonderful week in Tennessee and got to spend sweet quality time with all of our family! Kiki braved the mall one day and took all the cousins to Build A Bear!!


They were sooo excited to get a bear and all big helpers with Kaitlin


They helped fluff it and give our bear a bath!


Not interested in building bears!! But it was about being together!


We got all our bears and then did a little shopping


Kaitlin’s favorite store….. think she is still a little young


After a fun morning of building bears and shopping it was time for lunch so with 8 cousins we braved the food court! While we ate the news came by testing our Christmas trivia and Kory, Aunt Gina, and myself all ended up on the six o clock news!!! You can right click on the link to see all the embarrassment!!

It was such a fun morning and all of Kaitlin’s cousins were such a big help!