Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Trees and Santa Bags

Kaitlin loves playing with her Christmas Little People Barn! You open the doors and it moo’s!

Dec11P4 042

She has been very “nice” to the tree this year and has been gentle with all the ornaments! We have yet to have her break one… knock on wood!

Dec11P4 041

She will not sit still and look at me so this is as close as we got to a Kaitlin with Christmas tree picture!!

Dec11P4 033

Kaitlin’s stocking is hung by the chimney with care!!

Dec11P4 035

She is hoping she WON”T have to see Santa face to face!! Kaitlin is not his biggest fan!!

Dec11P4 036Dec11P4 037

Gigi sent us this cute Santa bag that doubles as a seat and a drum!!!

Dec11P4 038Dec11P4 040

Kaitlin is so creative!!

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