Friday, October 24, 2014

Holiday Pajamas

I love everything about the holidays! But one of my most favorite things is pajamas!
These actually glow in the dark!
And they look entirely too old in this picture

I know they are almost at the age where they won't make holiday pjs so I am enjoying every second!


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fun day

In the hustle and bustle of getting everyone ready for school this sweet moment happened! Everyone smiling and looking at the camera with very little effort and no bribery!
Sweet little ones!
Kaitlin insisted on a solo shot too
And her classic silly face

I know these days are numbered! They are growing up too fast


Friday, October 17, 2014

Spooktacular Fun

Our town had a Haloween Spooktacular last night and we had a wonderful time. Kaitlin was Zarina the Pirate Fairy. Her costume was very unique and she was the only pirate fairly at the event! All the other girls were Frozen princesses! Kaitlin loved her costume and she skipped everywhere all night she was so excited.
Kaitlin loved the hay maze
We made bags for the trick or treat trail
This was Colin's favorite thing of the night
Kailtin with the King and Queen of Haloween
Kailtin and Kory
This may be my new favorite picture
Colin was more concerned about the snacks
Colin loved holding his bag and looking at his candy
Mr and Mrs Cow

Such a fun family night! It was so nice and mild this year. Last year we froze and this year we didn't even need a jacket. Can't believe it's almost Haloween


Monday, October 13, 2014

Walk for Autism

Our family walked in the Autism Speaks walk with Kory's office this weekend. The event raised over one million dollars before the walk even started. The walk was downtown and there were an amazing amount of people there to support a wonderful cause.
It was a little brisk at the start of the walk and it was warm almost hot by the end. It was a beautiful day
Kaitlin had a blast bouncing
I still can't get over how old she looks without her tooth
My sweet girl! There were cheerleaders every block and Kaitlin loved them. She got lots of high fives!
The walk started and ended at the baseball stadium. She was so excited to see the game! Unfortunately there was no game but she is really excited about next season. And the snacks for next season.
Kaitlin also met her favorite superhero.
We ate downtown at Bucc di Peppo after the walk! It was a great lunch and fun being downtown
It was a great walk and a great day!


Friday, October 10, 2014

Tooth Fairy's First Visit

Kaitlin lost her first tooth this week! It has been wiggly for months and it finally came out!
Kaitlin was thrilled
This was one of my favorite books growing up! It was so special to read it with Kaitlin!
We put the tooth under the pillow
She is one happy girl

Can't believe she lost her first tooth


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sunday with family

Kaitlin had a cousin campout Saturday night at Kiki's house!
Colin and Cole are big buddies
Even though it was a quick trip we had so much fun with our family
We met Didi and Ray at Tupelo Honey before we hit the road
We had to wait a little but we had fun passing the time
We had a great breakfast with lots a yummy Southern food before the drive home
I love this picture! Totally captures such a sweet moment!

We had a great weekend and had a wonderful time with family


Monday, October 6, 2014

Checkerboard Gameday

We made a quick trip to Tennessee for the Florida game this weekend! We got in late Friday and left Sunday but we got to see lots of friends and family! Unfortunately not a win for Tennessee but it was still a great trip!
Kory and Will have been friends since Kindergarden and it is always great to see him!
Larry and Kory have also been friends forever and he is always such a great tailgate host!
So glad we got to visit with Alex and Will! They are so fun! And really makes me wish we lived closer.
We got to visit with Rachel at the game and after! It was so fun she sat so close to us! We went to the cutest new place on Gay Street, Five! It is where the old Arby's use to be in Knoxville but they completely transformed the space with chandeliers! It was a great place to visit after the game and get some snacks!
The fans organized a "checkerboard" of the stadium! It was amazing to see the idea actually work! I was so impressed!
Even though we did not win we still had a great day!

Kory's mom kept both our kids all day so we could have a fun date! We are so thankful! Go checkerboard and Go Big Orange!