Monday, October 6, 2014

Checkerboard Gameday

We made a quick trip to Tennessee for the Florida game this weekend! We got in late Friday and left Sunday but we got to see lots of friends and family! Unfortunately not a win for Tennessee but it was still a great trip!
Kory and Will have been friends since Kindergarden and it is always great to see him!
Larry and Kory have also been friends forever and he is always such a great tailgate host!
So glad we got to visit with Alex and Will! They are so fun! And really makes me wish we lived closer.
We got to visit with Rachel at the game and after! It was so fun she sat so close to us! We went to the cutest new place on Gay Street, Five! It is where the old Arby's use to be in Knoxville but they completely transformed the space with chandeliers! It was a great place to visit after the game and get some snacks!
The fans organized a "checkerboard" of the stadium! It was amazing to see the idea actually work! I was so impressed!
Even though we did not win we still had a great day!

Kory's mom kept both our kids all day so we could have a fun date! We are so thankful! Go checkerboard and Go Big Orange!


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