Thursday, April 28, 2016

Birthday weekend

Friday was one of Kaitlin's favorite days of the year!!!! The Fun for all festival was at Kaitlins school and she had a blast! They set up games in every classroom! 
It was so fun to see Kaitlin in her own little world!!! 
Shaved ice to end a fun night! 
Saturday Soccer was chilly but Kailtin had a great game!! It was so cold I wore my huge Ohio coat with fur good! I was not about to be cold! Poor Kaitiln,She got nailed with the ball in the face but was so brave! 
Since it was almost cold again Kory and Kailtin saw The Jungle Book! Kaitlin spoke panther the rest of the night!
Kory celebrated his birthday on Sunday and it was an absolutely beautiful day! 
We had a great day at church and played outside!
We did some outdoor mall shopping and enjoyed the amazing weather! And are at Chuys on the patio! A wonderful way to celebrate! 
Happy Birthday Kory!!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

A weekend to remember

My friends and I have been blessed to
Attend, The Table, a ministry that showcases amazing women in Columbus! This was the verse from the last event earlier this year and was such a great reminder before the event on Friday!
It was a different kind of event where survivors of human trafficking were honored! Amazing women shared their stories of God and their overcoming their terrible situations! We are all so blessed and are still reeling from what we heard on this special night! 
Our husbands had to help us as we had to be downtown extra early! So they all spent the beautiful evening with all the kids! Such wonderful guys an free kids had a blast! Clearly Colin is having so much fun!

Saturday was a perfect day and after last weekend I hate to say it was HOT! And it was perfect on the soccer field! And Kailtin got free Chipotle in her soccer uniform! Perk of the sport!

We had a impromptu neighborhood cookout on Saturday night and our kids played until way past their bedtime! 
Church on Sunday required no sweaters or jackets!!!! 
It is finally Spring!!! 
We had a bounce house afternoon with our neighbors and another way too late night playing and grilling out!! Such an amazing weekend! No one fought bedtime and we were all dragging on Monday morning!
And how crazy is this one year apart!!!! Same outfit totally different kid!!! 
Colin said cheese but was not happy about it at all! Pictures are his favorite! 

Friday, April 15, 2016

Soccer snow and Star Wars

Soccer season has "started" but we have had 2 practices cancelled due to bad weather! It was suppose to snow in Saturday but we got an email on Thursday saying soccer would be played in the snow!!!
So it snows on Sayurday and they cancelled soccer!!!! A snow day for us!

Kaitlin enjoyed our pj day and relaxed!
Church had a lunch and fun on Sunday! A rare picture of the 4 of us! 
We watched the new Star Wars and everyone enjoyed movie night!

Monday, April 11, 2016

School pictures

Kaitlin had spring pictures last week! I loved her sweet outfit and even had a jelly green matching now! I was so excited to see the proofs! 
So it looks fine then I attempted to add a background and figured out green screen plus green shirt is no good!!!! Or amazing! These pictures are so funny!
We have had so many laughs 

No school picture will be able to do these!!!!

Friday, April 8, 2016


We got home late Saturday night and got up early for the Early Easter service! We sat with our life group and it was so special to celebrate at our church !
Our family 

We were so lucky to have Pop and Cole up on Easter! They were up late helping transform Colin's room! 

Brunch after church 

It was a beautiful day 75 and sunny! Such a beautiful day

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Puppy party

Kaitlin has been planning her party since her party ended last year! She loves a family party with cake and games! So that is exactly what she got this year!!! 
So sweet of all of her family in Tennessee to come! 
With the cute puppy piñata 
The cake was amazing and tasted even better!

Pure joy in that girl!
My family
Party games
Aunt Ray and Uncle Bill
Piñata time

The party was a "smashing success "according to Kailtin! Ready to start planning for next year!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Best birthday ever

Kailtin's day started off with a fun decorated door!!! She has been so excited about her birthday and it was finally here!!!!
Sweet 7 year old 

Can't believe she is 7
We started out with a great breakfast at Petes!!! Chocolate chips pancakes with Aunt Ray and dad!!! Great start to the day!

We stopped in Union Books and Kailtin picked out her fav author Mo Willems!
We took Kaitlin to a special lunch at Apple Cake Tea Room
Special ice cream sundae for the birthday  girl
Zootopia with Aunt Ray and Uncle bill 
Party City for last minute party prep
It was the best birthday ever!!!