Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Weekend fun

We had a very fun weekend! It has been raining the past 19 days here so we were ready to have some fun
We started with brunch on a patio! It doesn't get much better! 
The rainy day was perfect for Kaitlin and I to see Inside Out! 
Kaitlin gave it two thumbs up!
We had family movie night and watched "home"! It was so cute! Kaitlin loves movies just like her Dad and it's so fun seeing her excited about coming soon movies! 
Sunday wearing our red white and blue! And a sweater because it was chilly! 
The sun finally came out and Kaitlin finally got to do her favorite thing Ride her bike! 
Thankful for a fun weekend! 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Dancing the night away

After the wedding we made our way to Club Leconte to celebrate Rachel and Bill!
Everything was amazing and we had the best time celebrating!
Kaitlin was so excited about the cake and it was amazing 
Love that you can see Neyland Stadium in the background 

Kaitlin loved the band and danced all night!

Dancing with the groom

Loved seeing my sweet friend she actually set up Rachel and Bill!!
Kaitlin with Kiki and Pop
Lovin cup 
One happy girl 
Cheering on the Newlyweds
Such a fun send off!!! A perfect way to end a perfect day!

Friday, June 26, 2015

The big day

My little sister got married on Saturday! We could not be happier for her and her groom! They compliment each other perfectly and we are so excited to have him in our family! The wedding was amazing and it was so well planned by Rachel! Everything was so special! I am so thankful for such a special day! 
The sweetest flower girl with the bride
 Kaitlin said she looked like a crazy bird with the flowers in her hair!!!! I loved it!

The flower girl and ring bearer

Rachel got married at the church our grandfather started and was married in! My parents were married there and kory and I got married there 10 years ago so it was very special to our family to have Rachel walk down the aisle 

So special to have my kids in front of the plaque I stood 10 years before! Such a rich heritage! So thankful! 

The cutest ring bearer 
Our family maybe we can photoshop Colin in the pic!
This sweet basket was used in a dear family friends wedding in 1993 when Rachel was the flower girl! That sweet bride was AT the wedding and she was so excited to see her basket again! 
And Kaitlin's dress was worn in my wedding by my flower girl! So many sweet touches!!!! 
Same dress 10 years apart! 
Such a special day for our entire family!!! 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Rehearsal dinner

The rehearsal for the wedding went so smoothly and it was done very quickly!! Gotta steal a pic with the bride!!

Kaitlin took her job very seriously and had no problem practicing 

Colin went home and we took Kaitlin with us to the rehearsal dinner

It was a beautiful location on the water!! 
The bride 

The bridemaids
All the cousins 

The food was amazing and they even had the cutest biscuit bar with different biscuits and spreads!!! It was a wonderful night!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Bridesmaid luncheon

Friday was a busy day and started with the bridesmaid luncheon! Kaitlin was so excited it was just girls!!! 

The luncheon was beautiful and it was a sweet time of fellowship with such sweet girls!

The food was amazing!!! 
Kaitlin had the best time! 
Rachel gave us the cutest bags and Kaitlin loved it! She carried it around the entire luncheon!
The bridesmaid luncheon was such a fun way to start the weekend!!!  And tea cakes for dessert made it extra sweet!

Manicures with the Bride

We ran errands Thursday and got lots of last minute wedding stuff done 
Kaitlin and I got our nails done with the bride and bridal party
This was Kaitlin's first manicure and she was so proud to be with the big girls!!
It was so fun to spend some quality time before all the craziness of the weekend
The bride