Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ballet camp day one

I have tried to give Kaitlin some fun things to do this summer and a chance to try some new things! This week is princess ballet camp! She has never done any dance class and was a little nervous her first day! Each day they have a different princess visit and do a craft relating to the princess! It has been such a wonderful first exposure to dance!
Day one was Sleeping Beauty Day
She had the best day and was thrilled at the thought of going back!
She was worried she could not "ballet" but loved the gymnastic class and the trampoline!
She also loved the snack
Colin enjoyed some special time with me!
Kaitlin made a rose
And a sleeping beauty mask!
Thankful for a wonderful first day!


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Stay cation

My car was in the shop all week so we had a staycation this week! Our August has shaped up to be very very busy so I enjoyed our last week as the calm before the storm! I tried to get organized and got a lot of things marked off my to do list! Thankfully my car was finished on Friday so I can drive around this week.
I have loved being back home with my crew and spent a lot of time giving extra hugs and kisses this week! We also took Colin's pacifier away last Sunday and he has been a full week without it! I know it will be hard but worth it in the end!
Colin's new trick of the week is climbing! He is so proud! I am not impressed!
I mean this is a phase... Right...
We are in trouble with this new skill!
It has been very mild and today it was cold! It was barely 70 degrees here today!
They waited for it to warm up and it finally made it above 70 at 2 o clock! It was cloudy and that did not help it feel warmer but they had a great time!
I love this picture! Such a sweet picture of something that does not happen everyday! Playing together nicely! It is so fun to see them play as Colin gets older! I hope they will always be close like my sister and I!
Playing farm ! Kaitlin was the farmer and Colin was a fugitive pig on the run! He loved playing with his big sister!
Practice our cheering! She has pretty good form too!
I loved how everyone knew where they were when Prince William was born or when Diana was married so I took a quick picture for Kaitlin to remember where she was when the new prince was born. She thinks he is the prince of Enchancia from her favorite tv show "Sophia the First"! I tried to explain he would be the King of England one day but she did agree!
Colin had a different opinion about the whole prince drama... Guess he was hoping for a princess!
Kaitlin's best friend moved away this week and Kaitlin was so so sad! We were so glad to have her over to play one last time.

We are ready for a busy month ahead and are thankful for a fun staycation week!


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

daddy weekend

Kory was so great to keep both kids all weekend and had an amazing Daddy weekend! We had to get up early to get to the airport so he made the best of things and grabbed breakfast at Chickfila.

Then the zoo

Colin had the best time
Our favorite okapi!
They went to the mall and then played outside all night
They slept well on Friday! Saturday started with cinnamon rolls and then they got rained out of their plans!
So they ended back at Chickfila!
Kory said they both made lots of friends at the play area!

They went on all sorts of adventures and they were so great!

They had a pool day on Sunday before the came to pick me up at the airport! They had so much they did not want to leave. It was so nice knowing they were having a great time without me!

We finished the weekend at the outdoor walking around and eating at Abuelos! Kaitlin even got to visit the American Girl store! It was a great way to end Daddy weekend!

Kory was amazing and the kids are ready for Daddy weekend again very soon!



Monday, July 22, 2013

Washington wedding weekend

I was blessed to spend 3 days in Washington DC with my closest college friends! We had the best time celebrating the union of Ashley and Matt!

These girls have been thru so much with me over the past 10 years and we Are so blessed to have each other.

We all flew into DC on Friday and had a fun day of shopping and visiting!

We took a new picture when someone new arrived! It was so fun to be with these girls and catch up all weekend!

We took the metro to the Ritz Carlton our home for the weekend and met up with the bride! Everyone in DC was so friendly and nice! We had so many people give us amazing directions and recommendations all weekend. And they all loved our accents!
We ate at the cutest place on the water Friday night, Farmers, Fishers, Bakers! We got gelato after dinner and the breeze from the water made it the perfect night!
We had brunch on Saturday morning and did some shopping in Gerogetown. Then we waited in line for some yummy cupcakes!
Ashley's wedding was beautiful and she was such a stunning bride! We had a wonderful time and are so excited for their new adventure as husband and wife!
The wedding had so many cute details that I know Ashley worked so hard on from our amazing welcome baskets to late night sliders, and even adorable signs in the bathroom!
We danced and danced all night! And they even played Rocky Top! It was such a fun night!

It was such a special weekend and Kory kept the kids all by himself! He did a wonderful job and had a wonderful weekend for everyone! It was sad to leave all those sweet girls but it was great to get home!