Friday, March 29, 2013

Birthday week

Kaitlin loved celebrating her birthday this week! She woke up to SNOW on Monday! We hope this is not a tradition we continue for the next few years!

Good thing we planned ahead and got cupcakes on Saturday!!!

She was very proud of her birthday ribbon!

We had our 4 year old checkup on Tuesday and Kaitlin talked everyone's ear off! I am so so thankful for a great appointment! Kaitlin asked all sorts of questions and it was so funny seeing Kaitlin ask the dr about her day and her office. She is a tall girl at 42 inches and 38 pounds.

Unfortunately Kaitlin danced into her dresser yesterday and she now has an Easter egg bump on her head! She will be extra festive on Sunday! Poor girl! I followed her around all afternoon yesterday asking her to count my fingers and follow the light! She thought I was crazy but she was totally fine!

Good news is that she hasn't slowed down at all and is so excited to celebrate Easter!

Easter Bunny Fun

Saturday we had a fun day out of the house anticipating the snow this week. We went to breakfast and headed to the mall. We had no agenda and no plan. We saw the Easter Bunny sign and Kaitlin was so excited. I had not prepared her for any meeting with any bunny and she has never had a documented picture with the Eater Bunny. I was sure this would be a disaster!

Easter Bunny 2013 3

She walked up to him like they were best friends and was a pro. She complimented his “garden” and his beautiful outfit. It was so funny and she requested a chocolate bunny. I am not sure where she got this idea but it was such a fun day.

Easter Bunny 2013 1Easter Bunny 2013 2IMG_6132

We also ran into the Wal-Mart Bunny! 2 Bunnies in one day. Kaitlin was thrilled!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Oh how the years go by

2009 2 days old

023 (2)

2010 1st Birthday


2011 -2nd birthday


2012 -3rd birthday


2013- 4th birthday


Monday, March 25, 2013


Happy Birthday Kaitlin Grace! You are my talkative, personable, wild child.  I am so thankful God blessed us with you 4 years ago! You have had a big year of changes. You moved states and started a new school. You moved from a crib to a big girl bed and there are no more diapers for you! It is amazing how much you have grown up and matured this year!

DSC_0065 - Copy

You love to talk and I am so thankful for your talking!


You are full of energy and live every moment with such excitement!

DSC_0070 - Copy

You love animals and have the sharpest memory. You don’t forget anything. You are sweet, tender hearted, and super bossy. You talk to everyone wherever we go and always complement people! You are like a little person now instead of a baby and you definitely have an opinion about everything!


I am so thankful for you! Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Break

We just got home from a Spring Break week in Knoxville. It was fun filled and action packed. We spent lots of time with our cousins and got quality time with our entire family. We started the trip off with lunch with Aunt Ray at Chuys's. Kaitlin said it was the best day ever.

We ate at Calhoun's and had a wonderful view of the river. Kaitlin loved it and thought she was eating on a boat. She had a great trip and was wonderful the entire trip.

Colin went from a cruiser to a true walker this week. Unfortunately he did minimal sleeping on the trip and had a hard time adjusting away from home.

We went to the zoo, the mall, and spent a day with all 7 cousins. I also got to eat with sweet friends without my kids. It was so fun to get away from the snow and cold of Ohio!

Kaitlin loved spending time with the big girls at the mall. She went in all the "cool stores" like Claire's and Justice and she had fun "shopping"!

Kaitlin is missing her family today but she was happy to be home. We can't wait to go home again very soon.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Art of Animation

This was Kaitlin’s reaction to our resort! It was the cutest. You really felt like you were in the movie “Cars”. It was amazing  all the details Disney put into the resort!


Kaitlin was so excited all week to see the cars and talk with them


Kaitlin and her “best friend”!


They had all the details covered!


Checkin in at the Cozy Cone!


The Cozy Cone Pool


The lobby was amazing with all the renderings


The Leaning Tower of Tires


This was Kaitlin every day!



It was an amazing resort with amazing themes. I wish we had spent more time at the resort but we can’t wait to go back to “Lightning McQueen’s House!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Princess Fever

Kaitlin has never really loved the princess thing. She loved Toy Story when she was little and now loves Cars and Nemo. This trip changed everything. She said her favorite thing was meeting the princess on our trip. I was shocked.


The princesses were amazing and carried on long and detailed conversations with Kaitlin. It was so fun to see her light up when she met them and it Kaitlin was a perfect age to meet them. Kaitlin made all the princesses laugh with her questions and comments. She had a blast and the princesses seemed to really love our little girl.


Kaitlin thought Aurora was so beautiful


Rapunzel was so sweet and talked so much! She asked Kaitlin as many questions as Kaitlin asked!


Showing off her dress


We waited in line FOREVER to meet Princess Jasmine and Aladdin. When we get up to the front of the line Kaitlin asked “who are these people??” So she made them laugh and let them take a picture with her.


Rosetta is not always in Pixie Hollow so it was special to meet the Southern Fairy. Pixie Hollow was amazing and it was really a fairy wonderland.


Kaitlin may be a princess girl after this trip!