Monday, March 25, 2013


Happy Birthday Kaitlin Grace! You are my talkative, personable, wild child.  I am so thankful God blessed us with you 4 years ago! You have had a big year of changes. You moved states and started a new school. You moved from a crib to a big girl bed and there are no more diapers for you! It is amazing how much you have grown up and matured this year!

DSC_0065 - Copy

You love to talk and I am so thankful for your talking!


You are full of energy and live every moment with such excitement!

DSC_0070 - Copy

You love animals and have the sharpest memory. You don’t forget anything. You are sweet, tender hearted, and super bossy. You talk to everyone wherever we go and always complement people! You are like a little person now instead of a baby and you definitely have an opinion about everything!


I am so thankful for you! Happy Birthday sweet girl!


  1. Happy Birthday to your Sweet Girl
    She's so adorable
    I LOVE her outfit :)

  2. Happy B'day...:)
    you look very beautiful and cute'

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