Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas vacation

We got to see Star Wars with Ray and Bill while we were in Knoxville 
It was sold out and crazy 
Fun to be apart of the Star Wars craze
We went to Coolta Gelto after the movie and enjoyed a fun night out! 
We had game day at Didis and Kaitlin and Didi win Apples to apples! 
Colin played dress up 
And just enjoyed being with all our family!

Christmas night

Our last stop of Christmas night was Ray and Bills! They had the most amazing dinner and Dad brought the beef tenderloin that was amazing! It was a magical night! 
They went all out and it was so special 
Red Velvet Bundt Cake
Colin got a light saber from Obi Wan
And we had an epic light saber fight
Such a fun special night to end a wonderful day 

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas at Kiki's

We headed to Kikis for Christmas with all our cousins! Always someone to play with our kids! 
Kory and Kaitlin 
She wanted Hungry hungry hippos and she was so excited!  
Colin thinks he is a big kid
Mamaw and her great grandchildren! Such a blessing!
Kaitlin loved her bathrobe
Colin got a new friend and immediately put him on!!!
So fun for all of Korys family to be together!

Christmas Morning

Kaitlin woke up around 8:30 and was so excited to see that Santa made a visit! We finally had to wake up Colin an hour later! 
He was excited once he finally woke up
Two happy and tired kids
We went over to Didis and had a fun morning with doughnuts and family
Enjoying breakfast 
Colin got a magician outfit and it was a huge hit

So thankful for such a fun morning and a great family

Didi and the girls
Such a fun morning with my family 

Christmas Eve

We arrived in Knoxville just in time to celebrate on Christmas Eve ! It was so warm in Tennessee almost 75 on Christmas Eve! 
We had so much fun with our family
Lots of cousin love 
Smiles all around 

It was such a fun night 

Kaitlin directed the singing! She had the best time! 
We headed home and put out cookies for Santa and reindeer food! 

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve! And we were so excited for Christmas Day!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas at home

We woke up in Ohio on Christmas Eve and had our own little family Christmas 
Colin loved his new cars track!
Kaitlin was so excited about her new Frozen castle 
We had a very Star Wars Christmas 
Christmas eve

We had a fun morning then we got the road heading to Tennessee for Christmas 

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Party

We had a Christmas party for our final life group before Christmas!
We said wear festive attire and we would have so fun as a group!

Apparently "festive" had different interpretations! So thankful for these girls!!! We have such an amazing group and have so much fun!
I did a hot cocoa bar
My sweet friend made these adorable cookies!!! 
A perfect way to end a great semester and have some festive Christmas fun!