Monday, March 29, 2010

1st visit to the Church Nursury

Kaitlin made her 1st appearance at the church nursery on Sunday! I am not sure who was more nervous Kaitlin or myself. I know that she would be fine and the church workers were lovely but it was not easy handing over our little girl to complete strangers. She did very well and they did not have to page us out of the service. No surprise she did not want to play and sit still so they ended up walking her around the building and she just waved and smiled at everyone... very typical of Kaitlin. So we went to pick her up in her room and she was walking laps around the room and saw Kory. She took out two little boys trying to get to her Dad as fast as possible. She fell down and bolted again to Kory. She was not going to let anything get in her way of getting to her Daddy!! It was so sweet to see her so excited and we loved on her the rest of the afternoon!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Kaitlin Grace!

It was 1 year ago today that our lives changed forever. At 11:01 on March 25th, 2009, Amy & Kory became Momma & Da Da to Kaitlin Grace Shinlever. I can't believe how time flies so fast when you have children. What a difference 1 year makes!!! Our little girl seems all grown up compared to this time last year.

Before we left Knoxville, Gigi & G'Daddy threw Kaitlin a pre-birthday party. She had such a great time & I'd never seen her make such a mess! She was so excited about her birthday cake that she forgot she was even supposed to eat it!

I had always envisioned Kaitlin's 1st birthday as this grand party with lots of people and going all out. Little did know how much & how quickly our life would change in the past 2 months. She didn't have huge birthday bash, but we made it special with just the 3 of us today & I wouldn't have it any other way!

Happy birthday Kaitlin Grace. Your life has blessed us in so many ways and we love you very much.


Momma & Daddy

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Big Move to Northwest Arkansas

After a 1 month hiatus, the blog is back! The past month has been a little crazy for our family of 3. Since Kory's promotion, he traveled 5 straight weeks while Kaitlin & I took up residence in East Tennessee with Gigi & G'Daddy. What a blessing it was to be able to stay with them!
Kaitlin went on her 2nd date with Lawton while she was in town. These long distance relationships sure are hard on a girl! It was great to see Cara, Brooke, & Emily while I was in town. I also had the privilege to meet Brooke's new baby girl, Blaire!!!! She is SO beautiful!
Kaitlin got to spend some quality time with Kiki & Pop while she was a TN resident. They came to visit her several times & she spent several hours at Vine, picking out new furniture for momma & daddy.
Kaitlin had another first while we were in Knoxville. She had her first trip to OCI! Her daddy explained to her during lunch that he didn't want to hear about how much fun she has there when she goes to UT in 17 years.
I think Gigi & G'Daddy got a little more than they originally bargained for, but we loved spending time with our family before moving 1,000+ miles to Northwest Arkansas.
When we arrived, it was 70 degrees on Friday & Saturday. But we were quickly greeted with a familiar sight - more snow. At this point, I genuinely believe its following us wherever we go.
They announced on the news today that Northwest Arkansas had record snowfall this year - 25 inches. Kaitlin, however, was not impressed. After all, she saw 28 inches of snow ... in one day in VA. Oh well, its supposed to warm back up into the 60s this week and we can't wait. House hunting, strolling, & shopping at Pinnacle Hills Promenade await Kaitlin & I this week!!!!