Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pirate and Princess Adventure

Kory took Kaitlin to Disney Junior live today! Kaitlin had the best time and was thrilled by amazing performance!
Sofia was ready for the show!
Kory managed to get front row tickets and they had amazing seats
Kaitlin and the Pirate Princess.
Sophia and Cinderella--- one of Kaitlin's favorite parts
Enjoying the show
Minnie Mouse came very very close
Doc Mcstuffins
Sofia was wonderful and looked just like the princess on tv
Kaitlin had the best time
Jake and Izzy
The grand finale with everyone
Gold doubloons everywhere

It was a magical day and one Kaitlin will talk about for many days to come!


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Trunk or treat

It was so so cold but our kids were troopers! We will eventually get this cold weather thing figured out!
It was 30 degrees and Kailtin still has a smile on her face!
The highlight of the night!!! Princess cow!

It was a very fun and cold night! And it was fun celebrating in our town!


Wednesday, October 23, 2013


This was the scene at our house today! Snow! It was crazy to have snow this early!
Good news the snow did not hurt my mum! It was long past saving before the snow! Good news in only 6 more months of snow season! I may have listened to Christmas music today!
My little pumpkins
Obviously taking pictures is their favorite thing to do
This little guy is one happy pumpkin
I love this picture.

The snow is gone but the cold is here so we have our first fire of the season

Hoping for no more snow..... But I don't see that happening!


Monday, October 21, 2013

Boo at the Zoo

Friday night Kiki and Pop took Kaitlin, Colin, and Hannah to Boo at the Zoo!
Kaitlin was so proud of her Princess Sophia costume
Hannah is so good with Kaitlin and we are so excited to spend lots of time with all our cousins at Christmas!
They said Kaitlin wished everyone a Happy Haloween and was thanking everyone! I was so proud!
Getting more treats
Pop and Batman
Colin had so much fun too!

It was a great fall night to go and I am so glad they had so much fun!


Sunday, October 20, 2013

Home sweet home to me

We had lunch at Tupelo Honey with Aunt Ray! It was amazing and everyone's food was incredible! I had the most amazing grilled cheese ever!
My boys
Rachel took us to her favorite gelato place and it was so great! Rachel knows all the best places!
We got some sister time and looked at some cute shops on market square
Didi was staring in " Driving Miss Daisy" so we were so excited to see his comeback performance! We went to dinner with our sweet neighbors growing up and it was the best time. The play was amazing and I was so proud of Didi!
It was so fun to see this picture of mom and her brother on the set! I could not believe how much our uncle looks like Colin!
And then this happened!
I met up with Kory for a double date after the exciting game!
We had so much fun with Ashley and Larry! Great food, more great football, and great friends!
We had to go to the gelato place one more time before we headed home
We had an action packed weekend and we had a great drive home knowing that Tennessee won!