Thursday, October 10, 2013

Game weekend

We were blessed to be able to spend a long weekend in Knoxville!
We saw so many family and had a wonderful time being home.
Kory and I were able to go see Tennessee play UGA! It was an amazing game and Neyland Stafium was as loud as I have heard it in many many years! It was a heartbreaking loss but it was a fun game!
Kaitlin was excited about the game!
Kendall and Kaitlin
Kendall was very popular
My little volunteers
We got to see Aunt Ray at Calhouns! We had a great dinner with Didi and Ray..great company and great food was just a fun time!
We met Didi at Litton's!
And were so blessed by Kiki and Pop watching our kids so we could go to the game
Kaitlin visited with Mamaw
They love each other

It was a wonderful family weekend and hopefully we get a win next time!


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