Friday, July 29, 2011

Sweet summer fun

The best place to beat the heat this summer has been the pool! Here is Kaitlin ready for some water fun!! She is also staying hydrated!!


She loves the “pooooolllll” and she takes a great nap after we get home! It is amazing how few people are at the pool in the early morning when we go. We are sometimes the only people there! I think the afternoons are when the rest of the neighborhood must go!


Kaitlin looking for snacks in my purse! That is always the highlight of the pool day!


Happy Friday!! We are hoping to be at the pool all weekend staying cool and having fun!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Heat Wave

Kaitlin wanted to drop you a line and say hey!!


We are staying inside and attempting to stay cool in the heat! Kaitlin has acquired Kory’s love of technology and remote controls!! Her TV stopped so she was trying to remedy the situation all by herself!


We have been doing lots of coloring and crafts to keep Kaitlin busy!


Kory has mastered the art of coloring!!


They are two of a kind!!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

SEC Media Day

Kaitlin and I have made a tradition to watch SEC Media Day ever year!!


We are hoping for a great season and we can’t wait for football season!


Here is Kaitlin’s First SEC Media Day 2009

16-17 weeks 076

Last year 2010


2011—a new dress size 3 a new era of Tennessee football!!—She is not doing “hook em horns!”


Kaitlin thinks we will be #1!


And she is really excited Tennessee will play down the street from us this year! IMG_9228

Kaitlin’s favorite player will be at Media Day and we can’t wait to see him!  Tauren Poole, we are cheering for you!


Kaitlin was looking at a Tennessee pre season magazine a few weeks ago and Tauren was on the cover! We started telling her the players names and she said “Poole” and pointed to his picture! It was a baby book milestone day “ Kaitlin recognizes her 1st football player! We are so proud! 6 more weeks till Football Time and we are ready!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Snack Time

Gigi and Didi visited a few weeks ago and we had so much fun with them. They were on their last leg of a cross country trip and we are so thankful we were on the list of places to stop! Kaitlin went to the pool everyday they were here and Kory and I went to dinner and a movie. Kaitlin had so much fun with them.


Kaitlin is less than adventurous when it comes to trying new food. Gigi offered her a Cheeto off her plate and Kaitlin LOVED it! We were all shocked and she continued to share Gigi’s Cheetos off her plate.


We gave Kaitlin her very own bag for snack and she was so happy!


Love a Cheeto face and hands !!!


Friday, July 15, 2011

Wild Week of VBS

We have had a wild week of Vacation Bible School!! I think I need a vacation after the week! We had a wonderful week but we are exhausted! I was in the 3 year old room and we kept them busy. I learned a lot about 3 year olds this week! They are very hungry children…. snacks saved the day! IMG_9190

Kaitlin was a trooper in her class. We were the first ones there in the morning and some of the last people to leave church so she had some LONG days. She had a rough start the first day but after some adjustments she was fine the rest of the week!


It was all about Pandas this week and Kaitlin was so proud of her panda mask!


Here is Kaitlin with her panda drum. I was so thankful for the rain you see in the background. It rain a lot on Wednesday and kept the temperature in the low 70’s! It was amazing!


Kaitlin came home everyday and slept for at least 3 hours! Naps make everything better!


We are so thankful for a wonderful week of VBS! We had around 800 kids and adults this week. We had a wild time!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Love Bug

It is HOT HOT HOT here!!! It is 100 degrees and it feels all 100!! We are trying to keep Kaitlin busy and cool! Not an easy task with a 2 year old!


She wants to go outside so badly but it is just too hot!


She looks so old from behind!!! Where is my baby girl??


Here’s to staying cool with my little love bug this week!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!!

Kaitlin slept until after 9 this morning!  Happy 4th of July to us!!! We had big plans to go to the pool but the weather had another plan. It was overcast and cloudy so we decided it was not the best idea to go first thing!


We had a special breakfast at Krispy Kreme and tried to wait for some sunshine! While we were ate Krispy Kreme it started sprinkling then storming !!!


We had a great day despite the weather! We are so thankful for our freedom and those who fought so hard defending it!

Best 3rd of July Ever!!!!

We had the best 3rd of July ever!!!! We walked into church on Sunday  all decorated with flags and patriotic bunting everywhere! We sang patriotic songs and it was the best service! 


Usually Kaitlin does not eat lunch after church because she has had a morning snack in her class! We tried to risk eating out and it was wonderful! Kaitlin snacked on  some chips and was so happy! It was fun eating out and then Kaitlin was ready for her nap.


We knew that fireworks would be going off when it got dark but we were not prepared for the magnitude of the fireworks in Arkansas! In Tennessee growing up fireworks were NOT LEGAL! AT ALL! Sometimes our neighbors would shoot of bottle rockets and sparklers but the big fireworks were at public shows.

Arkansas sells real fireworks and has specific days that they are allowed to be launched. These fireworks in our neighborhood were professional huge fireworks. At one point during the night there were at least 12 different groups on all sides of house launching amazing and loud fireworks. We sat in the comfort of our backyard and had such a fun time!



Kaitlin missed the entire thing and did not make a peep while all the booms and bangs of the fireworks rattled our house!

Lazy Day

We got to the pool early on Saturday and we were the ONLY people there! It was almost an hour before anyone else came and Kaitlin was the only child there for 2 hours. It was so fun to have the entire pool alone and we had so much fun!


I am not sure who had more fun!!


This is Kaitlin’s favorite thing about the pool, snack time!

First Friday Fun

We had a wonderful holiday weekend and got to do some really fun things!! We went to First Friday on the square and it was HOT! We went to eat at Kaitlin’s favorite, Chick Fila, so she was full and happy!


It was 99 degrees when we got there and I thought Kaitlin would not last very long at all! Kaitlin had so much fun walking around the square and looking at all the people. There were lots of dogs and Kaitlin was thrilled to see each one. Some of Kaitlin’s friends from school  chased her around and she had the best time playing with them.


She was having so much fun that she did not to leave!This was after we left. She was so Hot but loved every second!