Monday, October 31, 2011

My sweet bee

Kaitlin woke up last Wednesday and let me know she was going to be a bee for Halloween!! Lucky for me Walmart had this costume and she has been wearing it everyday! She wants to wear it to bed and thinks it is so fun!


She says she is a BIIIIG BEEE!!!!!


Kaitlin was so excited to wear her costume to school and LOVED that all her friends were wearing costumes!


It is fun to see her so excited !!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Our little pumpkin

Our little pumpkin!! She loves to spot “pas” and tell you if they are big pa’s or little  pa’s !! She considers herself a big pumpkin! She has a little pumpkin outside and we say bye bye to it when we leave for school and she says “hey pa” when we get home for the day! It is the little things that just make me giggle and I want to remember them forever!


Kaitlin in her trendy fall wear!


Kory bought all the candy this year because I can NEVER successfully buy the correct amount of candy we need! I was handing out lifesaver breath mints one year!  He put the candy out last night and Kaitlin was mesmerized buy all the goodness! Thankfully he didn’t buy candy I like so we still have enough candy for the kids!


Here is a sneak peek at Kaitlin’s costume for tomorrow!! She is so excited and picked it out by herself!!


Monday, October 24, 2011

Family Fall Photos

Taking pictures with Kaitlin is sometimes like trying to herd a cat! She does not like to pose or cheese! However we got some cute ones with her newest buddy Aunt Rachel!

October 2011 Knoxville 119

High Five

October 2011 Knoxville 125

Too cute!!

October 2011 Knoxville 128

Kaitlin continued to be very agreeable the next day and actually say cheese for a picture!!

October 2011 Knoxville 111

Our little pumpkin!

October 2011 Knoxville 112

My sweet family!!! They were very good to stay still and smile!! We love you guys!!

October 2011 Knoxville 115

October 2011 Knoxville 109October 2011 Knoxville 110October 2011 Knoxville 113

Times up no more pictures please!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Christmas Card Time

Christmas Cards are one of my favorite Christmas traditions! My family started sending them out when I was 4 years old and has sent one every year since. It was always so fun picking which card and picture so when Kory and I got married it was a MUST to carry on the tradition with our new family! We live so far from all of our family, and it is a wonderful way to keep in touch with everyone!

I have always used Shutterfly for my cards and have always been very pleased! They even did Kaitlin’s 2nd birthday invitations which were so adorable! The cards are so easy to create, and lets face it, easy is what I need!! I have been looking at Christmas cards and listening to Christmas music all week.  A little early I know … I am a little too excited for Christmas to get here!

Here are my cards from 2009 and 2010. It is amazing how much Kaitlin has changed in 1 year!! Time goes by too fast.

SantaChristmas Card 2010

They are predicting SNOW for NWA  this week, and I am not a happy camper! They only good thing about snow would be to get a cute snow picture for this card. LOVE IT … not the snow!



There are just too many to choose from! I still haven’t figured out which one we’re going to use this year.

I also create calendars with Shutterfly for the grandparents every year, and they are such a fun gift to give. I love seeing the cute holiday pictures every month, and it is amazing to see how Kaitlin has grown from year to year. I always get one for myself too, and I treasure that calendar so dearly!!

Christmas is my favorite time of year and it comes and goes so quickly.  We try to stretch it out a little further at our house because it means so much to us.

This post is in partnership with Shutterfly

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Beat Bama


We may be a 30 point underdog against Bama but we will be cheering loud today for Tennessee!!! It helps when your # 1 fan is this cute!! Go Vols!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Something Fishy

We drove to Gatlinburg later in the week to visit the fish at the aquarium!! Kaitlin had a great time and was fascinated by all the fish!

October 2011 Knoxville 067

This was at the entrance of the aquarium..I loved the fall gourds painted as penguins!! I thought it was too cute and creative!

October 2011 Knoxville 069

Kory and I grew up so close to the mountains but it never was that impressive or special! Since we have not lived in Tennessee since 2005 we were very aware of what a beautiful area we are from!

October 2011 Knoxville 071

Kaitlin was so excited to get in the aquarium and get going! She did not stop moving all day!

October 2011 Knoxville 073

Kaitlin playing tour guide

October 2011 Knoxville 074

It was beautiful with all the fish

October 2011 Knoxville 075October 2011 Knoxville 080October 2011 Knoxville 081

Kaitlin spent at least 20 minutes exploring the kiddie cave…. she would have stayed their all day if we had let her!

October 2011 Knoxville 082

There is a moving sidewalk that you are “suppose to stand on” to give you a very close look with the sharks….. Kaitlin decided to run on the sidewalk and couldn’t figure out why all the people were standing in her way!

October 2011 Knoxville 085

The penguins

October 2011 Knoxville 095

Kaitlin crawling thru the penguin cave!

October 2011 Knoxville 097October 2011 Knoxville 107

We had a great day with the fish and it was a beautiful drive in the mountains!

Playing Around

This is the 1st thing Kaitlin does when she gets to Gigi’s house!!She loves the piano and could spend hours playing….. it is the most the piano has ever been used!

I love this picture of her!!!

October 2011 Knoxville 057

Kory and her Dada relaxing!!! We loved being on vacation


Kaitlin and Didi playing while Kory and I went on a date


More music time…..

October 2011 Knoxville 010October 2011 Knoxville 013

Gigi and Kaitlin counting and reading !!! Gigi and Didi watched Kaitlin several nights while Kory and I ate at some of our favorite restaurants with friends and we even went to a movie!! We had so much fun and Kaitlin had a great time playing!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A day a the Zoo

Kory and Kiki took Kaitlin to the Knoxville Zoo and had the best time!! Kaitlin loved seeing all the animals and had the best time being able to walk around and explore!!

October 2011 Knoxville 024October 2011 Knoxville 022October 2011 Knoxville 026

Kiki and Kaitlin had a big day and saw all the animals

October 2011 Knoxville 028October 2011 Knoxville 033

Kaitlin talked all day about the BIIIIIG turtles!!

October 2011 Knoxville 040

Who thought a turtle could be so cute!!

October 2011 Knoxville 041

Here are the REAL BIIIIG turtles!!

October 2011 Knoxville 048October 2011 Knoxville 045

Ready for the next adventure!!

October 2011 Knoxville 051October 2011 Knoxville 052

The newest member of our family after a visit to the zoo gift shop!! She was so tired that they actually got her to sit in the stroller!! Sweet girl took a great nap after all that fun!! Thanks Kiki for such a fun day!