Sunday, October 30, 2011

Our little pumpkin

Our little pumpkin!! She loves to spot “pas” and tell you if they are big pa’s or little  pa’s !! She considers herself a big pumpkin! She has a little pumpkin outside and we say bye bye to it when we leave for school and she says “hey pa” when we get home for the day! It is the little things that just make me giggle and I want to remember them forever!


Kaitlin in her trendy fall wear!


Kory bought all the candy this year because I can NEVER successfully buy the correct amount of candy we need! I was handing out lifesaver breath mints one year!  He put the candy out last night and Kaitlin was mesmerized buy all the goodness! Thankfully he didn’t buy candy I like so we still have enough candy for the kids!


Here is a sneak peek at Kaitlin’s costume for tomorrow!! She is so excited and picked it out by herself!!


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