Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wild Safari

A week ago, we took Kaitlin to the Wild Safari about 20 miles from our house in the middle of nowhere Arkansas.  We weren’t exactly expecting a lot, but thought Kaitlin would have fun.  Fun was an understatement.  She was very curious …


And immediately found a new BFF!!!


Who knew Kaitlin loved donkeys so much? She got really friendly with the little ones.  She treated them like her stuffed Eeyore at home and got a little friendly – a kiss on the head (right) and a hug never hurt anyone!



She became so friendly with them, that she started bossing them around like everyone else!


One hour later, we actually went on the “Safari”.  I’m pretty sure she would’ve been content to hang out with the pigs, goats, & Eeyores all day long … but away we went.  She was SO happy to get to ride in the front seat!


After seeing Lions, Tigers, Bears (oh my), Camels, Zebras, Rhinos, Yaks, Water Buffalo, and really scary birds that came right up to your window and would not go away!

Scary bird!!

We had such a great day!  Kaitlin has become quite the animal lover.


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  1. Awesome! Don't let Caroline see this one. She'll be mad you didn't take her too!