Monday, October 24, 2011

Family Fall Photos

Taking pictures with Kaitlin is sometimes like trying to herd a cat! She does not like to pose or cheese! However we got some cute ones with her newest buddy Aunt Rachel!

October 2011 Knoxville 119

High Five

October 2011 Knoxville 125

Too cute!!

October 2011 Knoxville 128

Kaitlin continued to be very agreeable the next day and actually say cheese for a picture!!

October 2011 Knoxville 111

Our little pumpkin!

October 2011 Knoxville 112

My sweet family!!! They were very good to stay still and smile!! We love you guys!!

October 2011 Knoxville 115

October 2011 Knoxville 109October 2011 Knoxville 110October 2011 Knoxville 113

Times up no more pictures please!


  1. Love all the orange in your photos. =) Kaitlin's outfit is so adorable!

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