Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rocky Top

We just got back from a wonderful vacation in Tennessee!! We were able to be there for the entire week and got to see Tennessee play 2 games!! It was a wonderful week and we got to do some really fun things!!

Kaitlin is not allowed to go to games yet but here is Kory and I before the Georgia game!! We got to go to the Vol Walk with Will and Josh and let me just say the orange pants look even better in person! I even got my annual “Petro” at the game and it was amazing!


I got to see my sweet sweet friends at the AOPi BBq!! We went to lunch later in the week and sat next to Coach Fulmer!! It is so fun to catch up with these girls and their sweet babies!


It was a rough time on Rocky Top but it was so fun!


The next Saturday Kory, Rachel and I all got to sit together for the LSU game! I love being at games with these 2 unfortunately  poor Tennessee had a rough time ! It isn’t everyday you get to the #1 team in the country play!



It was a great week and I am still proud to be a Vol despite 2 losses in 2 weeks!

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  1. Found your blog from Kelly's. We went to the LSU game too and it looks like our seats were not far from yours! I also noticed AOII...were you one? I was an AOII! Small world:)