Thursday, October 20, 2011

Something Fishy

We drove to Gatlinburg later in the week to visit the fish at the aquarium!! Kaitlin had a great time and was fascinated by all the fish!

October 2011 Knoxville 067

This was at the entrance of the aquarium..I loved the fall gourds painted as penguins!! I thought it was too cute and creative!

October 2011 Knoxville 069

Kory and I grew up so close to the mountains but it never was that impressive or special! Since we have not lived in Tennessee since 2005 we were very aware of what a beautiful area we are from!

October 2011 Knoxville 071

Kaitlin was so excited to get in the aquarium and get going! She did not stop moving all day!

October 2011 Knoxville 073

Kaitlin playing tour guide

October 2011 Knoxville 074

It was beautiful with all the fish

October 2011 Knoxville 075October 2011 Knoxville 080October 2011 Knoxville 081

Kaitlin spent at least 20 minutes exploring the kiddie cave…. she would have stayed their all day if we had let her!

October 2011 Knoxville 082

There is a moving sidewalk that you are “suppose to stand on” to give you a very close look with the sharks….. Kaitlin decided to run on the sidewalk and couldn’t figure out why all the people were standing in her way!

October 2011 Knoxville 085

The penguins

October 2011 Knoxville 095

Kaitlin crawling thru the penguin cave!

October 2011 Knoxville 097October 2011 Knoxville 107

We had a great day with the fish and it was a beautiful drive in the mountains!

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