Monday, June 23, 2014

Wild weekend

Rachel came I town to help us and we had so much fun with her! We had a busy Friday and Ray picked Kaitlin up from school! These two are soul sisters and have so much fun together!
We headed to the zoo on Saturday and had a great day.
Kaitlin and Ray fed the giraffes. I love Kaitlin's face in this picture so excited
Taking a picture with the peguins is tradition
Colin even knew he needed a Peguin picture
Rare family of four picture with the koala
Colin usually rides in the stroller at the zoo but he is very interested in the exhibits these days so Kory and Colin did some exploring.
This is the replica of worlds stinkiest flower
They have dinosaurs at the zoo for the summer and Colin loved them
We ate at Dewey's Pizza for dinner and had a fun time!
Rachel let Kory and I go on a date to see a movie and it was so nice to be out for a little
We came home for a little and the we heard a huge thump. Followed by crying.
Kaitlin hit her head on a nightstand falling out of bed . She had a big cut above her eye so we headed to the ER! We waited from 11-30 until almost 3:00 am. Kaitlin was awake for most of the wait and was so pleasant and really funny. She was very scared and asked every person we encountered if they were giving her a shot.
3 stitches later she is doing great and the cut looks really good.

We are so thankful Aunt Ray was here and was able to help us so much! It really was a wild weekend!


Monday, June 16, 2014

World Cup fun

We had so much fun cheering on USA in the World Cup yesterday! It was a fun simple night that ended with a win for the red white and blue! Kaitlin made sure our driveway was ready for the big game!
Sporting our red white and blue!
My boys! Colin loved the soccer!
Look at that smile
Kaitlin had a great time!

I was very confused by all the crazy soccer rules but it was so fun cheering for the United States and actually winning. A fun summer night for sure!


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Keeping busy

We are staying busy this summer! It has been rainy all week so we have gotten creative on ways to stay busy.
Colin is ready for the rain to stop so we can go for a walk
When it's not raining Kaitlin has been loving riding her bike
We have been making crafts from our Kiwi Crates and it has provided hours of fun
Kaitlin made the stamp and then used the stamp to decorate her new tote
Colin still ready to go outside
We also made recycled paper..... Results in another post

We are loving the summer and love this sweet smile


Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Wilds

We spent the day at The Wilds, a safari park about 2 hours from our house. They have open air safaris and we had a wonderful day. We left our house at 8:00 and made it on the 10:00 safari. It was a warm day and the breeze off the open sided vehicle made it a perfect balance.
My two wilds ones ready for the safari
Kaitlin was so so excited
Baby and Momma rhino
Colin was very impressed with the camel. I love his face. Excited and very concerned at the same time.
He loved these crazy donkey things that would not leave our bus alone
My boys
We had a close encounter with an ostrich...... A little too close
The ostrich pecked our bus and pecked and pecked.
Colin really want to get his hands on the bird but it was not happening on my watch.
Kaitlin's fav part of the day were the zebras
It is amazing to see all these endangered animals up close and so close to our home

We had a wonderful day in the great outdoors.