Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pumpkin patch

Didi came up for the weekend and we had a great time!!! We started Saturday at Sunny Streeet for pumpkin pancakes! 

We headed to the pumpkin patch! Colin's favorite place in the world! 

We had a wonderful visit and Colin had the best day! 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

School days

I'm Kaitlin had the day off Monday so we got to enjoy a little treat by ourselves after we dropped off Colin! 
It was so sweet to have some one on one time! 
Kaitlin has had an amazing start to school! 
Kaitlin was off the charts for good behavior today and she was so thrilled to get a braclet for making good choices!!! 

Kaitlin goes all day to school and eats lunch! She gets art, music or PE everyday as well!! These are huge things and so different from last year! 
Kaitlin's table won for cleanest table at art this week! 
Kaitlin was soooooo excited about the book fair!!! 
She is so grown up and this was shocking when I measured her the other night! 4 feet tall!!!!! 

So thankful for such a great start to the year!!! 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Football weekend

We had family movie night on Friday and watched the new live action Cinderella!! It is such a great movie and we all had a fun night! 
We started the morning at First watch for pumpkin pancakes! It was the perfect way to start a fall morning! 
It was suppose to rain but the rain held off so we played outside and enjoyed every second! 
Then we watched Kaitlin play soccer in the rain! 
It was just light sprinkling but then a huge  heavy rain band came thru! You can't say tags we are fair weather fans! Colin loved every second of getting wet!!

We had a fun afternoon of football and TN won!!! So thankful for a fun weekend! 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Weekend fun

Kaitlin had her first soccer game on Saturday morning! It was the 9am game and was very chily! 
Kaitlin played goalie for a while and she was so fun to watch! 
Kaitlin's cheering section

We headed over to touch a truck after the game! Colin was so excited!
Both kids painted their names on the snow plow! 
The bus was a big hit!
And the firetruck is always popular
We watched football and supported the Vols! 
Our church had Sundae Sunday at the park! The kids played and played! It was a fun way to end a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Crew game

Sunday night we all went to see the Major League soccer team play!! It was such a fun night with the crew!

It was so kid friendly and there was a playground for our kids to enjoy 
Kaitlin even saw one of her sweet friends there!
We had great seats
And it was a little hot at first but was really nice after the sun went down
We had a great time even if the Crew didn't win our crew had a blast!! 

All Vol weekend

We had a special treat with visitors this weekend! We had a great visit and made lots of fun memories! 
Breakfast before a day at the pool 

We got some funny looks in buckeye country but it was Gameday so you wear orange!!!
We watched the game and had yummy snacks!
The game was forever long and with a lightning delay we played headbanz to pass the time!!
We went to church on Sunday and Kailtin wore her victory dress!!!
We had brunch after church ! A rare pic of the whole crew!!!
Such a great visit!!! We are so thankful for  family and can't wait to see them again!!!