Thursday, July 26, 2012

Welcome home

Kory has been gone all week packing and loading the truck in NWA! He flew back this morning just in time to close on our new house! We are so excited!

Kaitlin would not sit still for pictures but here she is running like a crazy woman around the house!

All these pictures are so bad but she had the best time! Kaitlin was so excited And she even hugged her brother out of excitement! That is a huge deal!

We were very very lucky to be closing when a terrible storm blew into Ohio! It started raining the minute we walked in the office to sign papers! It poured and stormed for an hour while we signed papers and then the sun came out as we were leaving!

Let the unpacking begin!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


We let Kaitlin pick her room in our new house! She picked one and stuck with it! Every time we go to the house she runs to her room! Girl does not forget anything!


We had a walk thru at the house and she asked what we were doing? I told her it was a walk thru to look for mistakes. She was so excited almost jumping up and down. Kaitlin said " I LOVE snakes"!!!! Poor thing was very disappointed!

At one point she was so tired she asked to be alone.... I can see this same thing happening when she is 13!


When you are 3 years old and no snakes around you will do anything to pass the time! And no we are not getting a pet snake as a welcome home present!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


The count down is on to move into our house! We have not been in Ohio that long but it seems like everything has changed! We have had a wild month and I kinda feel like I am on an extended vacation! We have been living in a condo and doing fun stuff like the zoo, and ice cream ... it does not feel like our life. I think once our stuff gets here and we unpack it will feel more like "home"!

Colin has gone from a baby to a boy overnight! Colin has learned to roll over and to sleep less here!

He started playing in the exersaucer here and started eating ceral here!

Kaitlin has done better than I ever expected transition to a new house and new everything! We have really changed a lot and she has been flexible throughout the move! She is so funny and really pays attention to everything! She is a parrot and says the funniest things!
This zoo is the best thing we brought to play with in our new place! It has been a zoo, a vet, a safari, pattern play, animal game and animal shape games! All games made up by Kailtin! Her imagination has bloomed and we hear a new story all time!


We are excited about our new transition and thankful we have been together on our new adventure!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Sibling love

I ordered matching shirts for July 4th and had visions of my sweet kids in these adorable shirts! Sometimes reality is not what we imagine!

Here is sweet baby Colin in his shirt. Think he likes it!


I got Colin all ready to go....


Then Colin got blamed for being in "Kailin's chair" and that he made a big mess! I could tell this was not the moment for an award winning photo!

This is when " baby Colin is looking at me" started! They will love each other some day! Could Kaitlin's shirt be any more hidden!

Drama drama!

I love how Colin looks at her with such love!
The best picture of the day!

Maybe our Christmas card picture will be better!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Baby shark

Sweet Aunt Rachel sent Kaitlin and Colin a care package and Kaitlin was ecstatic to say the least! Kaitlin takes baby shark in the car and sleeps with her at night!

We love baby shark!!!

Someone else loved baby shark too!

Don't tell Kaitlin!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

SEC Media Day

We love SEC media day in our house because it means football time is almost here! Kory and I use to tape it and watch it at night! Then Kaitlin and I started watching it! It has become a tradition and something fun we do ever year! We have started teaching Kaitlin Tennessee cheers and she will randomly start saying them during the day! We are excited about the season and will be cheering for Tennessee even if we get some strange looks up here in the north!


Here is a look back ....






Our new addition to our fun day! As you can see we are so excited for football even if we are in buckeye country!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Kaitlin had a party to celebrate her success in the adventures of potty training! She planned the party and knew she wanted cake and cookies, and a balloon! And party hats! We could not find party hats but Mickey ears were an acceptable replacement for the party! We are so proud of our big girl!



Colin had his first cereal this week! The biggest hurdle was trying to get him to eat and stop smiling! He did great and as you can see in the picture overload he was so happy!


Lots of milestones I want to remember!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Stingray Bay

We had another great visit to the zoo this weekend! We went to the newest exhibit stingray bay and Kaitlin touched and fed the stingrays! Kory did as well and the both had a great time.

Kaitlin loved the idea of the polar bear but was terrified of the actual bear when we got to the exhibit
We got to do some of our favorite things like pet the snake, see the wild river otter, see our favorite dragon and drive the boat!

The flamingos were a new favorite today and we spent lots of time talking with them!


We had a fun time with friends and saw lots and lots of animals! It is Kaitlin's favorite thing to do and she will talk about it all the time!