Monday, July 9, 2012

Zoo fun

Didi and Rachel went to the zoo with us last week and we had a great time! Kaitlin really wanted to go to the petting zoo so we headed there first. Kaitlin thought it was a sitting zoo!

It was a hot day but everyone was a trooper and we got to see about half of the zoo. The Columbus Zoo is so big that we have never seen all the animals in one day.
Kaitlin was so excited to see a dragon!
It was nice going on a weekday because the crowd was very light and Kaitlin did so many things that usually have a long wait on the weekends.

Kaitlin got to pet a sea star at the aquarium and even was brave enough to pet a snake! She is still talking about the snake and says " he was so cute"!
We also got to see river otters that are still a topic of conversation and some beautiful bald eagles!
We had a great day and it was even more fun with Rachel and Didi!



  1. Yep, Columbus Zoo is pretty big!


  2. I've never been to the Columbus Zoo. We are only a few hours away and say we are gonna go but have yet to do it!