Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Just kidding

So just ignore my last post! We lost power Sunday afternoon before a second storm that came thru Ohio. We are the only building in our complex without power so we will be one of the last stops for the power company to fix! There are currently 88,000 people without power so we are in good company!

Kaitlin had a hard time understanding that no power meant no lights and NO TV! Didi came to the rescue and made up a fun game of " guess what animal I am" and Kaitlin was entertained until bedtime. You describe the animal you are by where you live and what you look like, Kaitlin even stumped us on a few of her animals! We slept with all the windows open and woke up with no power in the morning. Kaitlin made her own TV until it was too hot to stay at our apartment.

We went on an "adventure" to stay cool and had a great time! We went to the pet store, the toy store, and Chickfila. Then we found a hotel that had some vacancies! We have been so lucky to have a cool place to stay , a warm shower and great help with Didi and Rachel to help with all the excitement.

Power should be back on by Saturday!! What an adventure!

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