Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Smokey Mountain Fun

Kaitlin was so excited to visit the aquarium!! We had a great visit and a fun day in the mountains!
We were able to see them feed the penguins and we learned so much about them! This was a highlight of the aquarium! 

Clearly Kaitlin had a fun day!

Colin wanted to share his hat

Kaitlin and Kory got their favorite taffy nextdoor after lunch! The girl working at the candy store was so sweet and patient with Kaitlin and was so nice to out girl!

We headed across the street to my favorite Pancake Pantry! It was so busy but so good as always!!
Choclate chip pancakes twins!!!
It was a beautiful day and we walked around Downtown Gatlinburg! It was so nice to be outside and so much fun!

We did some shopping at the outlets and walked around The Island in Pigeon Forge! Colin's favorite part was riding the team to the parking lot!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Family Fun Spring Break

We were blessed to spend the week in Tennessee and got some quality time with all our family! 
Kaitlin and Didi at Littons

Tupelo honey 

Mamaw with the crew
Colin's favorite visit of the week with Toby the gunnie pig
Kaitlin and Pop
Kiki and the kids
Celebrating Kaitlin at Calhouns
Birthday Sundae for the birthday girl
Such a special week with family

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Weekend fun

Kaitlin had movie night at school! It was so fun to see her with all her sweet friends! 
Colin did not have school Friday so we met our friends at the zoo!!! It was chilly but so nice to be with Friends outside!!! 

Saturday was the parade 
Then Kaitlin had a gymnastics birthday party
Kory and Colin had lunch at SAMs and had the best time!
We had game night at home and had so much fun playing Frozen Monopoly
 Sunday we had a great day!
Kory helping Kaitlin reading the Bible 
Thankful for a wonderful weekend 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

St Patrick's day parade

When you live in Dublin, St Patrick's day is a huge deal!!! We were blessed with a beautiful day yesterday and went to the parade! 
It had to be the nicest St Patrick's parade day ever!!! It was warm and sunny! Such a perfect parade day!
My lucky boys!

Colin had the best time!!!! 
Colin liked waving at all the floats
Kaitlin loved the parade 
Such a cute crew

Even Kermit the frog was there!!!
Such a fun day!!!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Colin's minion party

We had a small pizza and doughnut party after church!!! Papa Johns is Colin's favorite so that was the main course!

Some crazy minions 
I said no presents and zero people honored my request! They all got Colin the perfect things! It is amazing how God has blessed our family with a sweet community in Ohio! 
We had Colin's favorite doughnuts instead of cake and they were a hit! 

So thankful for such a simple party and faithful friends to help us celebrate our sweet boy! 

Colin turns 4

Colin turned 4 on Sunday!!!!! I can't believe he is 4! Time is flying by and we are having fun!
Colin loooovees balloons so he was thrilled with his birthday balloons! He attempted to take them to church!!good try! 
The birthday boy
Pictures are his favorite
He loooovee his new toy Zurg 
We had a Fun day and late Sunday night Colin climbed in my lap and it was just us for a few sweet minutes!! It was exactly what I was doing 4 years ago! A moment I will never forget!!! 
One last doughnut when it's your birthday!