Saturday, June 29, 2013

Week Update

We had a sick week this week. Everyone has been a little under the weather all week. We have stayed close to home and have done lots of resting!


Kaitlin started feeling better first


Colin felt better for a few days


He started feeling worse on Thursday


We have been busy Playing dress up


And we  played statues


Not wanting to take pictures


We made cupcakes


Colin woke up screaming at 4am Friday!! He screamed all morning and I was able to get him the last available appointment at the pediatrician! I was so thankful they had room to see us. He has a double ear infection. We got him some medicine and he will hopefully be on the road to recovery very soon!


He did not feel good!


Everyone was exhausted from a long hard day! We are looking forward to relaxing this weekend!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Weekend wedding

We headed to Knoxville Friday afternoon for a short visit to Knoxville. One of Kory's fraternity brothers was getting married and it was a nice visit. We had some air conditioning issues for about half the trip, meaning we had no air in the front of the car. Thankfully the back air worked so the kids were cool. It was a long 3 hours! We stopped for dinner and the air magically worked the rest of the way home! It was amazing!
We saw grandparents and great grandparents in the morning and headed to meet Aunt Ray on market square for lunch! It was so fun to see Market Square so busy with the farmers market and Elvis was even there. (In the background). We shopped at the cutest shops and had some fun posing for pictures with Rachel while we waited for lunch.
We ate at Tupelo Honey and it was well worth an hour wait!!! We had the best meal and it was such a fun time.Everyone had wonderful food and the Best biscuit I have ever had ever!
I tried Rachel's fried okra and it was amazing!
Such a fun lunch
We love Knoxville
And we love Aunt Rachel
We found Kory's brick on Gay street .... Colin was not impressed!
We had the best time at the wedding. It was beautiful and we are so happy for the bride and groom. Kory and I had so much fun and we danced and danced.
Kiki and Pop kept both kids and they had a great time.
We left early Sunday morning and made it back to Ohio with air conditioning the entire way back!
We are so thankful for a weekend with family and friends.


Monday, June 24, 2013

Pet camp day 4&5

Kaitlin had a great last 2 days at pet camp!
She made so many cute crafts and had a great time!
They even had some animal visitors so Kaitlin was thrilled!
Day 5 was water day
Water day = drama
Kaitlin was very clear she would not be an active participant in water day. When I picked her up she was soaked and smiling! She loved it and was very proud of herself.

We are looking forward to more camp later this summer!


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pet Camp

Kaitlin will be going to a new preschool in the fall. They offered some weekly camps this summer so I signed her up for a few weeks so she could adjust to her new surroundings!


Kaitlin takes some time to get adjusted to new things but she had a wonderful first day! She walked right in her classroom and did not look back! It was her best first day of school EVER!!!

She is the youngest in her class and they have 4 year old thru 6 year olds in one big group! This is a wonderful experience and we are thrilled about the upcoming school year!


Day two she was up early and ready to go back!

It was  zoo day and you can imagine how excited Kaitlin was to have an entire day of zoo animal fun!


After camp!! She had fun! They played outside for a long time and she had a blast!


Day Three


She had so much fun today she put herself down for a nap!

Stay tuned for more pet camp updates!

Monday, June 17, 2013

One year

This week is the one year anniversary of our move to Ohio. It seems crazy we have been here a year!
Colin has grown up so much.
He was only 3 months old when we moved! I don't remember him being this little
Kaitlin now
Kaitlin had a big year of firsts and has adjusted better than I ever dreamed possible. I am so so thankful for her smooth transition.
Kaitlin last year on our first trip to the zoo!
I still feel new to Ohio! it has an adjustment moving up north and it is like a different country! People don't appreciate bows and smocked dresses but we are still going to be southern even if we don't live in the south! We make no apologies for loving SEC football and having nice manners!
Jeff Foxworthy said there are four seasons in Ohio : winter, almost winter, nearly winter, and construction season!
We survived our first winter and they say the first winter is the hardest!
Praying this next year we can meet some more people and find a church home! Moving is tough and it is not for the faint of heart. Maybe Ohio will never feel like home but it is home now because my family is here!
As long as Kaitlin doesn't start saying "pop" we should be ok for now!
We have plans for trying out lots of new fun places this year! Many more trips to the zoo are on our agenda and some fabulous road trips are in the months to come as well!
One of my friends sent this to me and it was such a blessing... I have no idea where she got it but it is so true for this season in our life!


The Wilds

Saturday we headed to "the wilds" which is an animal conservation area run by the Columbus Zoo! It's a two hour drive from our house but it was well worth the drive!
It was 75 with a breeze and it was the perfect day for a safari. We took an open air tour that took us around the 15 square mike reserve! They have so many animals and we had the best day!
We saw zebras, rhinos, ostriches, cheetahs, bison, and lots more amazing animals.
We had an exciting adventure with the camels.
They were so close to us and rubbed the mirror off our bus
Then the donkeys tried to eat the rubber gasket! It was hilarious and they had to radio a zookeeper to retrieve the parts.
We had several stops to see more animals in their habitat
This cheetah kept talking to the boys
It was a beautiful location and was amazing to be in Ohio with all these amazing animals around.
It was a 2.5 hour tour so Colin took a break
Then he fell completely asleep
Not our Christmas card picture but such a funny picture of our family
My sweet boys

We had a wonderful adventure and can't wait to go back in the fall