Sunday, June 9, 2013

Super Saturday

We had an amazing weekend soo amazing I have too many pictures for one post! We got some yummy treats Friday after a wonderful checkup for Colin!
Saturday we got to the zoo bright and early
My boys
We see the animals in the same order ... Flamingos, aquarium, snakes, penguins always the same then the order changes .It is fun having a season pass because there is no rush to see everything in one day and we can leave when the kids get fussy or hot!
Attitude with the penguin!
We saw almost all the animals before lunch
I love kangaroo island there was a kangaroo on the path just taking a nap! It is amazing.
There are no cages or fences between you and the kangaroos it is really neat!
Our favorite .....the Okapi
Telling Tusk the razorback hello!
We grabbed some Chickfila and headed to Relay for Life! It was a wonderful event and so special for our entire family to participate!
We walked over a mile and not once did anyone complain!

We made our way to the huge outdoor mall and had a wonderful evening! Kaitlin made Rainbow Dash at build a bear and we ate at my favorite, Abuelos. It was a marathon day but we had the best time together.


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  1. I wish we had a zoo close by. I'm going to take Ax this summer but our closest one is about 3 hours away! I think he will love it though so it will definitely be worth the trip :)

    We usually participate in Relay for Life too. Such a great cause. I think it's awesome that you include your kids!