Monday, June 17, 2013

One year

This week is the one year anniversary of our move to Ohio. It seems crazy we have been here a year!
Colin has grown up so much.
He was only 3 months old when we moved! I don't remember him being this little
Kaitlin now
Kaitlin had a big year of firsts and has adjusted better than I ever dreamed possible. I am so so thankful for her smooth transition.
Kaitlin last year on our first trip to the zoo!
I still feel new to Ohio! it has an adjustment moving up north and it is like a different country! People don't appreciate bows and smocked dresses but we are still going to be southern even if we don't live in the south! We make no apologies for loving SEC football and having nice manners!
Jeff Foxworthy said there are four seasons in Ohio : winter, almost winter, nearly winter, and construction season!
We survived our first winter and they say the first winter is the hardest!
Praying this next year we can meet some more people and find a church home! Moving is tough and it is not for the faint of heart. Maybe Ohio will never feel like home but it is home now because my family is here!
As long as Kaitlin doesn't start saying "pop" we should be ok for now!
We have plans for trying out lots of new fun places this year! Many more trips to the zoo are on our agenda and some fabulous road trips are in the months to come as well!
One of my friends sent this to me and it was such a blessing... I have no idea where she got it but it is so true for this season in our life!



  1. I don't know what part of Ohio that you live in...guessing northern due to winter comments. I am pretty familiar with most of the state though central Ohio is home now. If you ever have questions for ideas or to meet people in your area email me keenerfamily at gmail dot com. Aww, I'm mostly a soda girl. Had no clue about SEC football, bows or smocked dresses until the past few years. I would have definitely put my girls in both when they were little. We don't get thatmuchbwinter thankfully here though its been rainy!

    1. Thanks so much! I will be emailing you Christi!!!