Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Weekend wedding

We headed to Knoxville Friday afternoon for a short visit to Knoxville. One of Kory's fraternity brothers was getting married and it was a nice visit. We had some air conditioning issues for about half the trip, meaning we had no air in the front of the car. Thankfully the back air worked so the kids were cool. It was a long 3 hours! We stopped for dinner and the air magically worked the rest of the way home! It was amazing!
We saw grandparents and great grandparents in the morning and headed to meet Aunt Ray on market square for lunch! It was so fun to see Market Square so busy with the farmers market and Elvis was even there. (In the background). We shopped at the cutest shops and had some fun posing for pictures with Rachel while we waited for lunch.
We ate at Tupelo Honey and it was well worth an hour wait!!! We had the best meal and it was such a fun time.Everyone had wonderful food and the Best biscuit I have ever had ever!
I tried Rachel's fried okra and it was amazing!
Such a fun lunch
We love Knoxville
And we love Aunt Rachel
We found Kory's brick on Gay street .... Colin was not impressed!
We had the best time at the wedding. It was beautiful and we are so happy for the bride and groom. Kory and I had so much fun and we danced and danced.
Kiki and Pop kept both kids and they had a great time.
We left early Sunday morning and made it back to Ohio with air conditioning the entire way back!
We are so thankful for a weekend with family and friends.


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