Friday, August 31, 2012

Game Day

It has been a long off season but today is game day! We are so excited and have worn orange all week! We are ready to cheer for Tennessee!
Kaitlin is so excited and decided that Pom Poms make her happy! It should be a fun season with her so happy!
She will be on the look out for the Chickfila cow on TV!

Colin loves the Vols too!
He looks so cute in orange!

We are ready for some football! It's great to be a Tennessee Vol! Even if we are the only Vol fans in Ohio!


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Big Sister Love


Kaitlin has decided that the best time to play with her brother is when he is ASLEEP!!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Family pictures

My amazing friend Bethany took family pictures before we left Bentonville! They are so beautiful and captured such a special time as our family of four!

My sweet boy

I love these of Kaitlin


This picture is so special! Such a sweet moment!


Such a sweet blessing to have beautiful pictures of our little family!

Highchair milestones

Colin had squash this week for the first time and loved it! I know you can tell from the picture! He has been eyeing our food for weeks now so I think he is happy to be included in some food action!
He totally was eyeing Kaitlin and her pop tart in this picture!


He also had a successful sippycup attempt yesterday. Kaitlin was not easily transitioned to her sippycup but Colin did great on his first try!


I love how they are so different! I think Colin is loving the new things to do in the highchair!

All the new things have worn him out!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Kaitlin sings

We have been learning cheers this week for the big game on Friday! Here is our first practice of Rocky Top! We are moving to poms this week instead of stuffed animals!

Learning Rocky Top

Kaitlin sings

Kaitlin is learning so many new songs and she is singing some we sang when she was little! It is so fun to see this new side of her growing everyday!

Summer fun

Kaitlin loves ice cream but she had her first taste of cotton candy ice cream this weekend and it was a hit!


I caught Kaitlin giving Colin advice before bed last night! She was telling him " we don't bite our friends buddy! "It was such a sweet moment... She is so wise!

We tried to spend some time outside while it is still warm .. We know winter will be here too soon!

We tried a new church yesterday and we were so blessed to be welcome with such open arms! We had a very special lady give us a tour and help us check the kids into their rooms! Kaitlin was so sweet and told the lady how much she liked her dress! It was a small moment but my heart melted! Sweet Kaitlin! Kaitlin ran right into her class and waved at the teacher and introduced herself! This is a huge change from 2 years ago! Kaitlin cried and screamed at drop off every single week ! We were so so blessed that our church in Bentonville kept working with Kaitlin and loved her so much! She is a different child because of them and I am forever grateful!

Colin did great in the nursery too so I am a very thankful they both had great days!

Kory's high school team was on ESPN on Sunday so we were cheering for the Alcoa tornados! Kaitlin gt a little confused and was yelling Go tomatoes!


Friday, August 24, 2012


Kaitlin did much better in her 2nd week of soccer! She followed directions and participated for about 30 minutes. They do all sorts of skill work and drills!


We also bribed her with a trip to the zoo if she did not cry in soccer! It seemed to work and Kaitlin did not cry once the entire hour!Kaitlin is on the left!

She lost interest the last 15 minutes but perked right up in time for a sticker from her coach! Kaitlin is standing on the goal! I am pretty sure that was not following directions... But it was much improved from her first week!


Then it was zoo time! It was crazy and really crowded but we had a great time!

Kaitlin and Kory practiced a little soccer this week and they had so much fun!



Monday, August 20, 2012

Big boy

This was Colin's first time in the jumperoo! He loved it! He would rather jump than anything else! I am thinking he may be more active than Kaitlin.

He loves to roll and he is ready to be on the move!

Colin was a little tentative about the jumperoo at first but he got the hang of it very quickly!

And jumped himself to sleep!

He loves Smokey

How did he get so big!
Testing out the high chair!! I know it will be a blink of an eye and he will be leaving for college!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Soccer Star

I signed Kaitlin up for soccer in our little town and I thought it would be a great way for Kaitlin to meet some kids her age! She is missing her friends so much and is trying so hard to find new ones! Kaitlin used to be so shy and would cry every time we went somewhere new! It paid off because now she is so friendly and is very eager to make new friends. She tries to befriend the older kids on our street and even tried to befriend the plumbers at our house! Sweet girl.

So here she is before her first day of soccer

This is where the smiles end! She cried about 30 minutes out of the hour lesson! Kory kept taking her off the field and ask her what was wrong? Her response " I am crying!!

Here are the action shots of Kaitlin when she was actually on the field.

We are hoping that each week gets better and better!