Monday, August 6, 2012

5 months

You have had a big month! You finally slept in your own room for the 1st time and you slept thru the night 4 nights in a row. We are hoping things will calm down and get you in a normal routine very soon!

Here you are at 5 months old


and here is Kaitlin at 5 months old

You love people and really want to be held and loved on! You like the exersaucer and are starting to be interested in toys!

You are almost too big for your bouncy seat! You love to wiggle and are most content on the floor kicking your legs. You are not crawling but can roll wherever you want to go! You keep us very busy! You have started trying to hold your bottle and are very interested in our food! You eye us at meal time and lean forward for a bite!
You are wearing 6 month and 9 month clothes! You just started wearing size 3 diapers.

You are our big boy and we are so thankful for you!


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  1. Cute baby! My son has the same strip monkey outfit from Carters. I think we have the brown and grey color version.