Monday, August 27, 2012

Summer fun

Kaitlin loves ice cream but she had her first taste of cotton candy ice cream this weekend and it was a hit!


I caught Kaitlin giving Colin advice before bed last night! She was telling him " we don't bite our friends buddy! "It was such a sweet moment... She is so wise!

We tried to spend some time outside while it is still warm .. We know winter will be here too soon!

We tried a new church yesterday and we were so blessed to be welcome with such open arms! We had a very special lady give us a tour and help us check the kids into their rooms! Kaitlin was so sweet and told the lady how much she liked her dress! It was a small moment but my heart melted! Sweet Kaitlin! Kaitlin ran right into her class and waved at the teacher and introduced herself! This is a huge change from 2 years ago! Kaitlin cried and screamed at drop off every single week ! We were so so blessed that our church in Bentonville kept working with Kaitlin and loved her so much! She is a different child because of them and I am forever grateful!

Colin did great in the nursery too so I am a very thankful they both had great days!

Kory's high school team was on ESPN on Sunday so we were cheering for the Alcoa tornados! Kaitlin gt a little confused and was yelling Go tomatoes!


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