Monday, May 30, 2016

Zoo day

We made our first summer trip to the zoo on Saturday! We always start out with our favorite the flamingos! 
We had a great visit 
Lots of new stuff at the zoo for the summer and special guests from Ice Age were there! Kaitlin was so thrilled!
Colin was neutral 
These penguins have become my measuring gauge for my kids!!!! They know they have to get there picture with the statue! It's tradition 
Colin has grown a ton! 
His favorite is the aquarium 
Giraffes were practicularly photogenic 

Kaitlin is currently doing a research project on bald eagles so it was extra special to see them up close! Kailtin has learned a lot about these birds and it was great timing to see her bird!
Can't wait for another zoo day! We headed to the pool after the zoo to cool off! We got there and applied sunscreen when a storm rolled thru and the lighting sirens went off! We waited out the storm and got a few hours at the pool before another storm rolled in! Such a busy day! 

Angry Birds weekend

Last week was Kaitlin's last soccer game for spring! It was another rainy and cold day but they had a great game!
Kaitlin and Kory had a little break at Starbucks after the game ! 

Kory has always loved movies and he has passed this loved on to Kailtin!!! Kaitlin had the new "Angry Birds " movie marked on her calendar for weeks!!! She was so excited and excitedly marked down the days to the movie premiere! 
She was one happy girl 
She is ready for the Summer movies!!! 

Friday, May 27, 2016

First grade party

Kaitlin has her first grade party yesterday! It was such a treat to be Abe to spend some time with her class! 
They did skittle races 

We also did a craft in her classroom that turned out really cute! 
Her sweet teacher!!! We are so thankful for her and for an amazing year!!! 
Only 5 more days of school till summer!!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Colin's spirit week

Colin finished up his last week of school and they had spirit week to celebrate the end of school 
Hat Day was a hit with Colin 
I got to help with Field day and we had a fun day of bubbles, face painting, and slushies! Colin had a great time and did his own thing then ran and hugged me several times so it was fun being with him! 
Beach Day was also a huge hit! I think Colin liked all the accessories! He is a cute beach baby!! 
Last day of school! 
He had such an amazing year! So thankful for his amazing teachers! 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Mothers Day

My crew surprised me with flowers and cake on Sunday Morning!
We got to help greet at church! Kaitlin was born to be a church greeter!! 

Colin made me the sweetest flower at church! He was so excited that it had a little "incident" before I actually got it! Sweet boy! 
We had a yummy brunch and it was perfect!! Laid back and delicious!

So thankful for these blessings
My boys 
Kaitlin made the sweetest bird feeder and   Kaitlin hopes to feed all the birds in Ohio!!! Colin has other plans and is plotting the ways to get the bird feeder and the birds!!
She is soooo proud!!! 
Kaitlin attracting the birds!!!

We grilled out and the best dinner!! We played outside and enjoyed the day!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Derby Party

Our friends had an amazing Derby Party on Saturday! It was such a fun day and it was so fun to be all dressed up! 
Kaitlin loved my hat!!! 

The cake was amazing

Watching the race 
The girls 
Kory won best dressed 
Best dressed boys 

Such a fun day!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

First Grade Cultural Program

All 3 First Grade classes worked so hard all year on the Cultural Presentation! They took us on a tour of the world and sang songs in 5 languages!
Kaitlin studied and did a poster on Ghana 
She also made a model of the housing in Ghana 
Kaitlin and her sweet teacher!! She has had the most amazing year and we are so thankful for all her hard work