Monday, December 31, 2012

Colin’s 1st Christmas and Cars

Colin had a wonderful 1st Christmas!


He had the best time everywhere we went and was a trooper! He is getting 5 new teeth so he had a terrible time sleeping but was wonderful during the day!


Colin and Didi


Kaitlin got new Car’s sheets at Didi’s house and Kaitlin was so excited! She took several breaks from playing just to enjoy her new sheets! It made Kaitlin’s stay extra special!


Kaitlin and the rest of the gang went to S&S Cafeteria one night and Kaitlin tried blue Jell-O!

Amy iPhone 977

Amy iPhone 815Amy iPhone 817Amy iPhone 821

Christmas twins

So Christmas did not make my babies look any more alike!!

Colin                                                              Kaitlin


Kaitlin’s 1st Christmas


Colin’s 1st Christmas


Sunday, December 30, 2012

Snow what fun

We got 5 more inches of snow yesterday! Kaitlin was thrilled her Snow unicorn did not melt and was ready to play in the snow!

My snow bunnies

The goal for the day make a snow seahorse

Mission accomplished

Today they made a snow puppy! They are really great snow animals! I had no idea Kory was such a talented snow artist!

We made some yummy snow cream

Kaitlin said it was cold
Cabin fever is officially setting in with more snow in the next two days! Thankful to not have to get out in the snow and thankful for a snowy fun weekend!


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas part two

We went to Kiki and Pop’s house for Christmas and had a wonderful time with all our cousins!

Aunt Gina and Colin


Kaitlin had a smile on her face all day!! All her cousins were such good sports to play with her and they even had a treasure hunt for Captain Hook!! It is so fun to see them all interact together!


Colin getting some attention


All the cousins!


Colin and Pop


Mamaw and all her great grand children!!


Colin got the hang of the present thing!!


All the kids!!


The grandkids with Kiki and Pop


We were sad to leave but had such a great day!! We had an amazing lunch and hit the road back to Ohio! We made it back with no stops in record time!

Christmas Day part one

Christmas Day was very special and extra crazy this year! We had planned to drive back the day after Christmas but changed ALL of our plans after seeing the forecast for snow in Ohio! We were thankful to be in Tennessee for Christmas and make to back to Ohio for the snow!

Kaitlin was so excited about Christmas that she got up at 9:00!! We were all waiting on her and she was so happy when she finally woke up!


Santa came and left everyone some goodies!


Kaitlin started asking for “Bucky” the pirate ship on November 1st and never waivered or second guessed that request! Although she added a Dr’s bag request last minute … Santa is very good at knowing Kaitlin’s preference in toys!


Colin and Didi!


Kaitlin was so cute and so excited about every present she was given! She said “ I love it and it is perfect!!” for almost every present! At one point during the morning she declared it the best day ever!


Kaitlin was so excited about her new princess castle! DSC_0102

Me and my princess pirate!


Colin had fun opening his present!! He loved the wrapping paper


Aunt Ray playing with “Bucky” the pirate ship!



We were so thankful for everyone changing plans and we were able to see Uncle Judd and Granny Jo and Papa Rodge before leaving town! We had to miss the yummy dinner with everyone but it was great to visit Christmas morning!