Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Kaitlin says

Kaitlin and I played "agents" today and "rescued" Christmas animals from danger! She made up the game and I was " agent Mommy" and she was "agent k"! She said it was "the best day ever!" I was thrilled to rescue little people animals from the scary couch and from scary snowman Colin! She even dressed the part!

Kaitlin says the funniest things and I never want to forget them! When she comes out of her bath she say " I am soaky wet and pretends to shake herself dry! I hope she says it forever! When any toy or object is her she declares it is "mines"!

She loves animals and has a vast knowledge of many different animals! Kaitlin also has a wild imagination and can turn any object into exactly what she needs it to be for her new game or activity! This red string is currently her adorable pet Anaconda! We could totally freak out a guest in house if our "pet" goes missing! Eek!


She is so much fun and I want to remember this age forever!


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