Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall festival

Kaitlin's school had a fall festival on Friday! It was so fun to see all of Kaitlin's friends and Kaitlin had the BEST time!
Kaitlin painted a pumpkin...... Pink of course!
Every classroom had a fun carnival game and Kaitlin won a prize in every room!
They had cute "goodie bags" that Kaitlin has looked thru everyday!
Colin was such a trooper and was so so tired after all that fun!

Kaitlin has not stopped talking about her fun night!


Birthday weekend

Thursday was my birthday and we celebrated all weekend long! Kaitlin helped plan my party on Thursday with Kory and was thrilled for a reason to celebrate!
Kory surprised me with flowers and my favorite red velvet cake.
Didi came up for the weekend and babysat while Kory and I went on a date!
And my sweet sister surprised me with the best cupcakes! They were such a treat and the perfect size!
Kory and I ate at Tuccis on their patio! It was the perfect night and we had a great date.

It was a wonderful birthday and a fun weekend of celebrating!


Sunday, September 29, 2013

We are family

We got to see some of our cousins a few weeks ago and I had to take a picture
Then I remembered we had taken a similar picture almost a year ago!
Crazy hoe everyone has changed so much!
They were not thrilled to take pictures but they humored me
Not impressed

It is so fun to see all these kids grow up and they know to be ready for more pictures next time we come in town!


Beach visitors

We were so lucky to have Pop and Kiley come visit us at the beach.
These 3 had so much fun together going on adventures and getting some treats!
Kaitlin loves all her cousins so it was special to be at the beach with Kiley!
They had important conversations
We went to Broadway at the Beach
Showing some Tennessee spirit
The whole crew
It's a mermaid
Colin supervising Kory
Riding some rides
Kaitlin didn't want them to leave
One last treat
We had so much fun and it was great way to end a wonderful vacation!


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Beach Fun

We have been so been so blessed to visit Myrtle Beach the last few yewRs! It is so nice to not be pressured to do everything on one trip! Kaitlin is at the age where she remembers where she wants to go at the beach!
Build a Dino was a must!
Colin built his first Dino too!
Kaitlin looooves the aquarium
We had a wonderful visit
Kaitlin touched a shark and got to visit with the mermaid.... Named Kaitlin!
Both kids looking at the camera!

It was fun to do some of our favorite things and spend time as a family!


Monday, September 23, 2013

On the boardwalk

We spent the day on the beach
And buried Kory in the sand
We had so much fun at the beach and headed out for dinner! We love driving to Murrels inlet for amazing seafood! Colin fell asleep in the car so Kaitlin and Kory had a date while we waited for our table
They even gave Kaitlin a pirate hat!
We had an amazing dinner then walked on the boardwalk!
They had a live band and Kaitlin loved dancing with her Daddy.
We took the scenic route home and saw the sky wheel! It was a fun night!


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Beach week

We just got back from 8 amazing days at Myrtle Beach!
We had wonderful weather and it was so nice to get away with our family!
The kids love the beach!
They also have a new love for the ocean! Colin loved the waves and the water!
He just laughed when the water came over him!
Kaitlin loved the water too!

We had a wonderful week and have so many memories from our beach week!