Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Game day

Kaitlin went to her first Tennessee game! It was really hot and humid but she had a great time!
I think Kory had the best time-- he smiled all day!
This was one of the highlights of the day.. Playing beanbags!
We met up with the newly weds Will and Alex and headed to the Vol Walk ! It was so fun to get to see them!
The Vol walk there were people everywhere and it was crazy hot and crowded! It was electric when Butch walked down! It was a wonderful memory of Kaitlin's first gameday experience!
We took a water break and let Kaitlin play at Volunteer Village!
We sat with Aunt Ray at the game and had the best time!
Kaitlin seeing the Vols win for the 800th time! She loved the cheerleaders and loved seeing Smokey!
And loved the day with her Daddy and the snacks
She loved the game and yelled and sang Rocky Top!
We left at half time and walked thru the Worlds Fair Park and headed to Market Square
We ate outside at cafe 4 just the 3 of us and had the best time! It was so hot and they had the best sweet tea ever! It was amazing perfect timing because as we were getting in our car it started lighting and when we made it home it was starting to storm! So thankful for a calm evening and not having to walk back to our car in a storm!

It was an amazing day!


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