Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Day part one

Santa came and visited two good little elves
Kaitlin wanted a zoomer watch and this was what she did all day. She loved her watch
Colin loved his new hat
My little elves
Kory and Kiki
We went and saw Didi and Ray Christmas morning!
A rare picture of Kory and I
Kaitlin and her adorable new apron for cooking in her Easy Bake oven
Dad got Kory the neatest autograph football!
Colin was so excited
Ray got me the cutest outfit from this sweet blogger! Such a fun present
Aunt Ray made the best Chrismas dinner and was so organized.

Such a fun morning with Didi and Ray!


Christmas Eve

We woke up Chrismas Eve and had our family Christmas in Ohio!
Colin was just figuring out opening presents. He would open a present then attempt to open the next present while holding on to the previous toy.
It was a fun morning
We kissed Elfie goodbye and hit the road for Tennessee
Almost home
We spent Christmas Eve with Kory's family! It was a great night of good food, singing, and family!
Colin was kept entertained
And lots of cousin love!
We sprinkled our reindeer food for Santa
Left Santa cookie dough ice cream and a coke!
Such a fun Christmas Eve


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Party

Kaitlin’s class had a Christmas Party and PJ day for the last day of school before break!! Kaitlin was so excited!! 

IMG 7689

Kory surprised her and came to the party so it was extra fun!

IMG 2709

Kaitlin’s class did gingerbread house decorating, cookie decorating and a coloring book exchange! It was the best day!

IMG 2706

Kailtin loves a good party game and pin the nose on the reindeer was extra fun! 

IMG 2705

IMG 2707

Pretty sure she had a great time!! 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Look who just Checked in

Kaitlin was in our church children’s choir and they had 4 performances over the past week. The choir has been such an amazing experience and it was such a blessing this Christmas season!

IMG 7575]

It was a country theme and Kaitlin loved she got to wear a cowgirl hat 

IMG 7577

Kaitlin was the youngest in the choir but she was never nervous and had such a fun time! 

IMG 7579

We noticed Kaitlin wore her hat just like Jessie from Toy Story 

IMG 7662


IMG 2528

IMG 2587

Kaitlin Christmas performance

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Santa Cow

This is our annual Santa Cow picture!!!! Kaitlin use to not be a fan of Santa but she loved Santa Cow!!!! And that is how traditions get started!!!!  Crazy this is our 5th year with Santa Cow!!! 

IMG 2293



IMG 7555


IMG 7556


IMG 7557


IMG 7558

Friday, December 12, 2014

Breakfast with Santa

Our Chickfila had a special breakfast with Santa!!! They made everything so special with tablecloths and even a band playing Christmas music! It was such a sweet morning and Kaitlin had a great time!! 

IMG 7543

She was so excited!!!! we had a wonderful breakfast 

IMG 7549

Mrs Claus and Santa were so so sweet!!! They talked and talked and talked!!!! 

IMG 2497

I love this face of pure joy 

IMG 2492

Colin is not a fan of Santa 

IMG 7551

This was the cute list for Santa!!! 

IMG 7544

We had a great morning and Kaitlin has not stopped talking about it all week!!! 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

O Christmas Tree

We had a fun Christmas outing when we saw Santa!! Kaitlin got her haircut while the boys waited for a table at Cheesecake Factory!! Colin looks so grown up here!!! 

IMG 1753

We had a wonderful dinner and it was so nice and festive

IMG 1755

They had a huge Christmas tree and Colin was very impressed 

IMG 1844

IMG 1860

Such a fun family night 

IMG 7412

And we got Cheesecake to go!!! Really the perfect night!