Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Shoes

We got Colin his first pair of shoes and they are so cute!


They are 4.5 WIDE the kid has some big sweet feet!

DSC_0197 - CopyDSC_0215

Colin is not to fond of anything on his feet and usually pulls his socks off every time we are in the car! So proud of himself! His newest trick is taking his pants off in the car seat. I was even impressed with that trick!



These were Kaitlin’s first shoes!! Time goes by way too fast!


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Flowers and cupcake crowns

With snow and sickness I have been trying to keep Kaitlin busy!


I bought a cute cupcake craft kit and it had everything for 6 crafts using cupcake liners! It saved us from going crazy and Kaitlin looked forward to it every day! I may need to buy a few more kits before winter in over.


She was so proud!


We made cupcake crowns today and she was just as excited.


Until we get real flowers we will just make some of our own!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Snow Day

It snowed on Friday and someone was very excited about the snow. She was all excited to make a snow octopus but she was feeling a little sick so we will have to wait until the next snow for that fun!


It was the loudest snow ever! You could hear every snowflake fall! It was very pretty to watch.


They predicted 1-3 inches and we got 5 inches. It is amazing living in the north to see how wonderful they clean the roads! The snow plows were out on Friday being followed by a salt truck to help melt the snow. The roads were dry on Saturday morning. This southern girl is very impressed!


We did not play outside in the snow but we played “snow ball fight” downstairs in the warm and dry basement! Best day ever!



Colin was feeling left out so he decided to join the fun


Then he made his own tunnel on this toy! Boys are so much fun!


We survived another snow day and had a lot of fun!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Over and under the weather

All the snow is running together but it snowed this week a couple times! This was an hours worth of snow ...
I didn't even know it was suppose to snow. It was beautiful!
We have been under the weather this week and over the cold weather!
4 degrees..... Too cold!
Colin not feeling great ...
Kory and I talked about how much the President's daughters have changed in 4 years. Then we realized in 4 years we have had 2 children and moved to 3 states! Life goes by so quickly!
Amazing to think about how big he will be in four years!
Colin was SO excited, but Kaitlin was not impressed.
Kaitlin has grown so much in four years and I know the next 4 will go by just as fast!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


We moved the changing table out of Colin's room this weekend! We haven't used it in months since Colin is a wild man and is all over the place during changes. It was really hard putting away all the baby stuff and I felt like we are packing him up for college! He looks much more like a boy these days and less like a baby!

He is crawling and cruising all over the place! He knows what he wants and is going to get it! He is going to keep me very busy for the next few years.

Kaitlin is moving into the princess phase and it is so fun to see her dress up and twirl! Lightning Mcqueen is still her "best friend" but Cinderella is her favorite princess!

I have been touring preschools trying to find a wonderful school for her next year! I am in complete denial that this will be her last year with me at home and that she will 4 very soon! It has all gone by entirely too fast!

She is learning so much everyday and I am so proud of my big girl!

All the changes make me want to just freeze time and Ohio apparently heard my request! It is 10 below here today and the high will be 14! We will ready for spring when it shows up in May!



Sunday, January 13, 2013

Week in review

We had a wonderful week! We are trying to get in a new routine in the new year! After Christmas and traveling we have been home and getting back to a normal schedule and flow at home!
Kaitlin had pajama day at school! She was so proud of her princess pajamas.
We cheered on the SEC in the national championship game!
We had waffle Wednesday
Colin loved every bite
Even picky picky Kaitlin had a waffle! This is amazing!

Colin also had a real banana too and this was the messy and happy after picture!

Kaitlin loves pockets and is amazed by them! She is so funny.

Kaitlin goes a million miles a minute these days and it is hard to catch her with my camera!


Colin before church today! Thanks Mrs. Pat and Mr Johnny for the adorable outfit! He looks like a boy and not a baby!

All our snow is gone after the snow on Christmas! We saw grass for the 1st time this week! It makes it feel less cold with grass instead of snow!